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Inquiry into the proposed Parliamentary Budget Office

March 2011

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ISBN 978-0-642-79435-2 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-0-642-79436-9 (HTML version)

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Preliminary pages (PDF 91KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 64KB)

Role of the committee
Objectives and scope of the inquiry
Conduct of the inquiry
Report structure

Chapter 2 Rationale for a Parliamentary Budget Office (PDF 124KB)

The role of the Parliament in the Budget process
How the Parliament undertakes its role
Financial scrutiny assistance to the Parliament
Adequacy of existing financial scrutiny assistance to the Parliament
The need for further financial scrutiny assistance to the Parliament
Options for improving financial scrutiny assistance to the Parliament
Concluding comments

Chapter 3 Role of the proposed Parliamentary Budget Office (PDF 179KB)

Examples from other jurisdictions
Research and analysis
Economic forecasting
Costings of proposals
Promotion and public awareness role
Other suggested functions
Clients of the Parliamentary Budget Office
Members of Parliament
Parliamentary committees
Concluding comments

Chapter 4 Authority and accountability (PDF 171KB)

Access to information
Confidentiality and disclosure of information and reports
Appointment, dismissal and remuneration arrangements
Examples from other jurisdictions
Oversight and accountability
Concluding comments

Chapter 5 Resourcing and physical location (PDF 96KB)

Staff employment framework
Physical location
Concluding comments

Appendix A – Submissions and exhibit (PDF 43KB)
Appendix B – Witnesses (PDF 43KB)

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