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| Parliamentary Joint Committee on Parliamentary Budget Office

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Appendix A – Submissions and exhibit


1               Department of the Legislative Council, Parliament of New South Wales

2               Department of the House of Representatives

3               Northern Ireland Assembly

4               Department of Parliamentary Services

4.1            Department of Parliamentary Services (SUPPLEMENTARY to Submission 4)

5               Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library

6               Department of the Senate

6.1            Department of the Senate (SUPPLEMENTARY to Submission 6)

7               Civil Liberties Australia

8               Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

9               Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

10             Office of the Parliamentary Librarian

11             House of Commons Scrutiny Unit

12             Mr Peter Hicks

13             Public Policy Institute, Australian Catholic University

14             Federal Coalition

15             Australian National Audit Office

15.1          Australian National Audit Office (SUPPLEMENTARYto Submission 15)

16             The Departments of the Treasury and of Finance and Deregulation

16.1          The Departments of the Treasury and of Finance and Deregulation (SUPPLEMENTARY to Submission 16)

17             Business Council of Australia

18             Mr Stephen Bartos

19             Department of the Legislative Assembly, Parliament of New South Wales

20             Australian Adam Smith Club

21             Dr Charles Lawson


1                             Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer, Canada

Mr Kevin Page, Canadian Parliamentary Budget Officer, Submission to the Joint Select Committee on the Parliamentary Budget Office – Parliament of Australia, 17 December 2010

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