C. Selection of relevant strategies, plans and roadmaps

C. Selection of relevant strategies, plans and roadmaps

This Appendix presents a selection of high-profile industry growth strategies, plans and roadmaps already in existence, developed by federal and state governments, industry and the research sector. It is an illustrative list only and is not comprehensive.

Many of these strategies had multiple associated funding commitments; these have not been mapped.

Additionally, the list does not include the many place-based industry growth initiatives such as the federal White Paper on Developing Northern Australia, the Victorian Government’s ‘National Employment and Innovation Clusters’ initiative as part of Melbourne city planning, state–regional government industry development strategies such as the Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan 2041, or grassroots planning efforts such as the Hunter Joint Organisation’s Hunter 2050 economic diversification plan.

Australian Government

  • National Hydrogen Strategy (a federal–state collaboration)
  • Offshore Renewable Growth Strategy
  • National Battery Strategy (under development)
  • National Medical Workforce Strategy 2021–2031
  • National Rail Action Plan
  • National Rail Manufacturing Plan (under development)
  • Delivering Ag30
  • National Aquaculture Strategy
  • Critical Minerals Strategy
  • Australia’s National Resources Workforce Strategy
  • Defence Science and Technology Strategy 2030
  • Defence Industry Skilling and STEM Strategy
  • Australian Civil Space Strategy
  • Robotics and Automation on Earth and in Space Roadmap (Australian Space Agency)
  • Earth Observation from Space Roadmap (Australian Space Agency)
  • Communications Technologies and Services Roadmap (Australian Space Agency)
  • Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Action Plan
  • Australian Cyber Security Strategy
  • National Quantum Strategy
  • List of Critical Technologies in the National Interest
  • Critical Technologies Statement
  • Digital Economy Strategy
  • National Robotics Strategy (under development)
  • Statement of Principles on Australian Innovation Precincts
  • Buy Australian Plan (under development)

State and territory governments


  • Food Security Strategy
  • Growing Tasmanian Agriculture – Research, Development and Extension for 2050 white paper
  • Defence Industry Strategy
  • Specific workforce plans for the agriculture, aquaculture and forestry industries, and energy and ICT sectors
  • Advanced Manufacturing Action Plan
  • Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Plan and Industry Compact
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Buy Local Policy


  • Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan
  • Clean Economy Workforce Development Strategy 2023–2033
  • Health and Medical Research Strategy: 2022–2032
  • Aquaculture Strategy
  • Agriculture Strategy
  • Innovation Statement
  • Made in Victoria 2023: Manufacturing Statement
  • Advancing Victorian Manufacturing
  • Victorian Skills Plan
  • Local Jobs First

New South Wales

  • Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program
  • Renewable Energy Sector Board Plan
  • Medical Technology Industry Development Strategy
  • Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy
  • Critical Minerals and High-Tech Metals Strategy
  • Space Industry Development Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Modern Manufacturing Strategy (under development)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Industry Development Strategy
  • Industry Development Framework
  • Regional Economic Development Strategies
  • Small and Medium Enterprise and Regional Procurement Policy


  • Energy and Jobs Plan
  • HealthQ32: A Vision for Queensland’s Health System
  • Low Emissions Roadmap for Queensland Agriculture
  • Queensland Agriculture Industry Workforce Plan
  • Critical Minerals Strategy
  • Queensland Defence Industries 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan
  • Advanced Manufacturing 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan
  • Innovation for a Future Economy 2022–2032 Roadmap
  • New-Industry Development Strategy
  • Innovation Precincts and Places Strategy
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Regional Skills Investment Strategy
  • Queensland Charter for Local Content

Northern Territory

  • Renewable Hydrogen Strategy
  • NT Agribusiness and Aquaculture Strategy 2030
  • Territory Critical Minerals Plan
  • Territory Space Industry 2020 strategy
  • Northern Territory Business Innovation Strategy
  • Territory Inbound Worker Strategy
  • Buy Local Plan

Western Australia

  • Energy Transformation Strategy
  • Renewable Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap
  • Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Strategy
  • Health and Medical Research Strategy 2023–2033
  • Primary Industries Strategy
  • Aquaculture Development Plan for Western Australia
  • Future Battery and Critical Minerals Industries Strategy
  • Diversify WA: Supply Chain Development Plan
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Advanced Manufacturing Plan (under development)
  • Investment and Trade Plan
  • Industry Participation Strategy
  • Local Industry Participation Framework

South Australia

  • Green Industries SA Strategic Plan and Green Industrial Transition Roadmap (under development)
  • Health and Medical Research Strategy
  • AgTech Strategic Plan
  • South Australia Defence Sector Strategy
  • Space Sector Strategy
  • Economic Statement
  • New statewide innovation model to connect the state’s growing innovation districts/precincts (under development)
  • Small Business Strategy
  • New Manufacturing Strategy (under development)
  • South Australian Industry Participation Policy

Quasi-government sector

CSIRO industry development roadmaps

  • Low Emissions Technology Roadmap
  • National Hydrogen Roadmap
  • Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap
  • Australia’s Synthetic Biology Roadmap
  • Victoria’s Nutraceutical Industry
  • Food and Agriculture Roadmap
  • Critical Energy Minerals Roadmap
  • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Roadmap
  • Space Roadmap
  • Growing Australia’s Quantum Technology Industry
  • Cyber Security Roadmap
  • Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Roadmap
  • Advanced Manufacturing Roadmap

Industry Growth Centre Sector Competitiveness Plans (SCPs)

  • National Energy Resources Australia’s SCP (by NERA, the oil, gas and energy resources Growth Centre)
  • MTPConnect’s SCP (the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals Growth Centre)
  • Food Innovation Australia’s SCP (now an independent not-for-profit)
  • METSIgnited’s SCP (the mining equipment, technology and services Growth Centre)
  • AustCyber’s SCP (the cyber security Growth Centre, now part of the Stone and Chalk innovation community)
  • The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s (AMGC’s) SCP


Only a small sample is presented here. More systematic research would likely identify other examples.

  • The Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Alcoa, Rio Tinto and South32’s Roadmap for Decarbonising Australian Alumina
  • The National Farmers Federation’s 2030 Roadmap
  • Meat and Livestock Australia’s Meat Industry Strategic Plan
  • The Australian Dairy Plan (a joint initiative of Australian Dairy Farmers, the Australian Dairy Products Federation, Dairy Australia and the Gardiner Dairy Foundation)
  • The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre’s Vocational Skills Gap and Workforce Development Plan
  • The Minerals Industry Strategy 2020–2024 of the Minerals Council of Australia (Northern Territory)
  • Robotics Australia Group’s Robotics Roadmap for Australia