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For the period 16 November 2004 to 15 October 2007
This summary includes information for the 41st Parliament from 16 November 2004, when notice of the first question was given, to the prorogation of the Parliament on 15 October 2007.

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Total number and breakdown by senator (PDF 102KB)
Breakdown across portfolios etc (PDF 141KB)
Breakdown by minister/title—
Ageing (PDF 51KB)
Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (PDF 108KB)
Arts and Sport (PDF 26KB)
Attorney-General (PDF 52KB)
Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs (PDF 20KB)
Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (PDF 56KB)
Community Services (PDF 16KB)
Defence (PDF 109KB)
Deputy Prime Minister (PDF 14KB)
Education, Science and Training (PDF 66KB)
Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 66KB)
Environment and Heritage (PDF 76KB)
Environment and Water Resources (PDF 40KB)
Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 63KB)
Family and Community Services (PDF 49KB)
Finance and Administration (PDF 95KB)
Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation (PDF 39KB)
Foreign Affairs (PDF 79KB)
Health and Ageing (PDF 113KB)
Human Services (PDF 43KB)
Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 33KB)
Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (PDF 30KB)
Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 52KB)
Industry, Tourism and Resources (PDF 46KB)
Justice and Customs (PDF 88KB)
Leader of the Government in the Senate (PDF 14KB)
Local Government, Territories and Roads (PDF 46KB)
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs (PDF 15KB)
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service (PDF 18KB)
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women's Issues (PDF 27KB)
President of the Senate (PDF 26KB)
Prime Minister (PDF 70KB)
Revenue and Assistant Treasurer (PDF 38KB)
Small Business and Tourism (PDF 32KB)
Special Minister of State (PDF 67KB)
Trade (PDF 41KB)
Transport and Regional Services (PDF 262KB)
Treasurer (PDF 57KB)
Veterans' Affairs (PDF 38KB)
Vocational and Further Education (PDF 15KB)
Vocational and Technical Education (PDF 20KB)
Workforce Participation (PDF 22KB)

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