Bills Digest 54 1996-97 Migration (Visa Application) Charge Bill 1996

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This Digest is prepared for debate. It reflects the legislation as introduced and does not canvass subsequent amendments.

This Digest was available from 28 November 1996.


Passage History

Migration (Visa Application) Charge Bill 1996

Date Introduced: 16 October 1996
House: House of Representatives
Portfolio: Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
Commencement: On a date to be fixed by Proclamation. This is anticipated to be 1 January 1997.


The Migration (Visa Application) Charge Bill 1996 (the Bill) proposes to:

  • impose a single visa application fee; and
  • establish a 'visa application fee charge limit'; ie the maximum amount of visa application charge that may be prescribed by the regulations.


The role of the Bill in the context of the legislative scheme governing the visa application charge is discussed on page 4 of this Digest.

Main Provisions

The most significant provision of the Bill is proposed section 5. In relation to visa applications made in the 1996-97 financial year, proposed subsection 5(1) sets the visa application charge limit at $12,500.

In respect of subsequent financial years, subsection 5(2) of the Bill sets out a formula for the calculation of the visa application charge limit; generally, it will be indexed in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.

Proposed subsections 5(3), 5(4) and 5(5) deal with various elements of the indexation factor; and the rounding of the charge limit. When the visa application charge limit is indexed in subsequent years, the amount is to be rounded to the nearest $5

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