Bills Digest 77 1995-96 Dairy Produce Amendment Bill 1996

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This Digest is prepared for debate. It reflects the legislation as introduced and does not canvass subsequent amendments.

This Digest was available from 14 May 1996


Passage History

Date introduced: 1 May 1996
House: House of Representatives
Portfolio: Primary Industries and Energy
Commencement: 1 July 1995, immediately after the commencement of the Dairy Produce Amendment Act 1995.


This Bill amends definition provisions in the Dairy Produce Act 1986 (the Principal Act) relating to dairy market support arrangements administered by the Australian Dairy Corporation (the Corporation). The definitions of 'market milk' and 'manufacturing milk' are amended to correspond with the definitions contained in the Dairy Produce Levy (No.1) Amendment Bill 1996. The new definitions reflect existing milk payment practices in the dairy industry.

The amendments implement Australia's commitments following the Uruguay round of GATT trade negotiations by making assistance to dairy producers operate in a clearly defined and transparent scheme.

The amendments will operate retrospectively from 1 July 1995 which was the date of commencement of the existing market support arrangements.

This Bill should be read in conjunction with the Dairy Produce Levy (No.1) Amendment Bill 1996, Dairy Produce Levy (No.1) Act 1986, the Dairy Produce Levy (No.2) Act 1986 and the Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Act 1991.


Background to the dairy market support scheme is contained in Bills Digest No 60/1995 - Dairy Produce Amendment Bill 1995, Bills Digest No. 61/1995 - Dairy Produce Levy (No.1) Amendment Bill 1995 and Bills Digest No. 62/1995 - Dairy Produce Levy (No.2) Amendment Bill 1995. These are available on the PDBS.

Main provisions

Item 1 amends the definition of 'manufacturing milk' in s.103. The present definition excludes dairy produce processed and sold or distributed as liquid milk for human consumption in Australia. Proposed s.103 will change this to exclude of 'other than market milk'. This has the effect of including all milk supplied to a dairy manufacturer or used on-farm to manufacture dairy produce except milk which receives a market milk payment.

Item 2 inserts a definition of 'market milk' in s.103 to mean dairy produce on which market milk levy is imposed by para 5(1)(a) of the Dairy Produce Levy (No.1) Act 1986.

Item 3 amends s.108(1) which deals with the monthly returns required under the Principal Act. Proposed s.108(1) provides that a dairy manufacturer is required to give the Corporation a return only in respect of manufacturing milk and not in respect of milk which the manufacturer knows is market milk.

Item 4 contains a transitional provision providing that a manufacturer is not guilty of an offence under s.113 of the Principal Act by giving the Corporation a return relating to a period before this Act receives Royal Assent complying or not complying with the proposed amendments to s.108 of the Principal Act.

Further reading

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