Research Papers 1999–2000

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Title Number Date
Remuneration of Members of the Parliament of Australia [HTML] [PDF 236KB] 30 27.06.2000
Rules for Representation: Parliament and the Design of the Australian Electoral System [HTML] [PDF 207KB] 29 27.06.2000
Cost Recovery in Road and Rail Transport [HTML] [PDF 235KB] 28 27.06.2000
The Protection of Indigenous Rights: Contemporary Canadian Comparisons [HTML] [PDF 273KB] 27 27.06.2000
Regional Development: Some Issues for Policy Makers [HTML] [PDF 540KB] 26 27.06.2000
Prospects for Managed Health Care in Australia [HTML] [PDF 322KB] 25 20.06.2000
A Mixed Bag of Dilemmas: Australia's Policy-Making in a World of Changing International Rules [HTML] [PDF 245KB] 24 20.06.2000
Australian Parliamentary Democracy After a Century: What Gains, What Losses? [HTML] [PDF 230KB] 23 06.06.2000
The Performance Record of Australian Manufacturing [HTML] [PDF 302KB] 22 06.06.2000
Australian Labour Market Deregulation: A Critical Assessment [HTML] [PDF 370KB] 21 06.06.2000
Pressures on Defence Policy: The Defence Budget Crisis [HTML] 20 11.04.2000
Victorian Election 1999 [HTML] [PDF 365KB] 19 11.04.2000
Government Business Enterprises and Public Accountability through Parliament [HTML] [PDF 176KB] 18 11.04.2000
Federal-State Financial Relations: The Deakin Prophesy [HTML] [PDF 268 KB] 17 04.04.2000
First Words: A Brief History of Public Debate on a New Preamble to the Australian Constitution 1991-99 [PDF 12 608KB] [HTML] 16 04.04.2000
Federal Parliament's Changing Role in Treaty Making and External Affairs [HTML] [PDF 392KB] 15 07.03.2000
Issues in Rail Reform [HTML] [PDF 333KB] 14 07.03.2000
Commonwealth Road Funding Since 1990 [HTML] [PDF 163KB] 13 07.03.2000
Egan v. Willis and Egan v. Chadwick: Responsible Government and Parliamentary Privilege [HTML] [PDF 347KB] 12 14.12.1999
Indigenous Religion in Secular Australia [HTML] [PDF 144KB] 11 14.12.1999
Community Participation in Parliamentary Committees: Opportunities and Barriers [HTML] [PDF 214KB] 10 30.11.1999
Regional Development through Immigration? The Reality behind the Rhetoric? [HTML] [PDF 768KB] 9 30.11.1999
Genetic engineering and agriculture: Australian farming at the crossroads [HTML] [PDF 224KB] 8 23.11.1999
Australian Manufacturing: A Brief History of Industry Policy and Trade Liberalisation [HTML] [PDF 254KB] 7 19.10.1999
Recipients of Centrelink Benefits in Commonwealth Electoral Divisions, June 1999 [HTML] [PDF 354KB] 6 19.10.1999
Population Futures for Australia: the Policy Alternatives [HTML] [PDF 396KB] 5 12.10.1999
Papua New Guinea 1999: Crisis of Governance [HTML] [PDF 459KB] 4 21.09.1999
Industry Policy in Australia [HTML] [PDF 355KB] 3 21.09.1999
Constitutional Referenda in Australia [HTML] [PDF 416KB] 2 24.08.1999
Military Threats Versus Security Problems: Australia's Emerging Strategic Environment [HTML] [PDF 316KB] 1 24.08.1999