Abstracts of Research Papers published 2004-05:

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Critical, but stable: Australia’s capacity to respond to an infectious disease outbreak [HTML] [PDF 374KB]
Research Paper no. 3 2004–05
Nigel Brew, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Section
Kate Burton, Social Policy Section
16 November 2004

The existence of new and re-emerging disease threats such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), multi-drug resistance, and the ongoing outbreak of avian influenza across much of Asia, combined with the spectre of bioterrorism, has prompted countries around the world to examine closely their capacity to prevent, detect and respond to serious infectious diseases. Australia is no exception and after a long period of apparent complacency about Australia’s vulnerability to communicable diseases, Australia’s systems for disease surveillance, detection and reporting have

recently been reinvigorated, as has planning for mass casualty and outbreak preparedness This paper concludes that there is a general sense that the current emergency health response labours under difficulties arising from limited resources, inadequate training exercises and a lack of integration. (50 pages)

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Work and family policies as industrial and employment entitlements [HTML] [PDF 369KB]
Research Paper no. 2 2004–05
Steve O'Neill, Economics, Commerce and Industrial Relations Section
12 July 2004

In the run-up to the 2004 federal election, the major parties have released policies to promote work and family, most notably in enhanced maternity allowance or baby payment. Work and family measures typically take the form of leave to assist working parents to meet family illnesses or related contingencies. This Research Paper canvasses the types of family-friendly policies which workplaces provide and covers the form of provision or entitlement and the spread of such policies across workplaces. The family provisions case currently before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission is also noted. (30 pages)

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Electoral rankings: Census 2001 (2003 boundaries) [HTML] [PDF 326KB]
Research Paper no.1 2004–05
Andrew Kopras, Statistics Section
12 July 2004

This paper provides an analysis of socio-demographic data from the 2001 Census of Population and Housing by Commonwealth electoral division. It is an update of Research Paper No. 2, 2002–03, and reflects changes to electoral boundaries brought about by redistributions. The electoral boundaries used in this paper are those applicable following the 2002 and 2003 electoral redistributions in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. The next federal election, due on or before 16 April 2005, will be contested on these boundaries. (163 pages)

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