Research Papers 2001–02

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Title Number Date
Australia's Political Parties: More Regulation? [HTML] [PDF 131KB] (Abstract) 21 25.06.2002
India-US Relations in a changing Strategic Environment [HTML] [PDF 252KB] (Abstract) 20 25.06.2002
Accountability of Ministerial Staff? [HTML] [PDF 1075KB] (Abstract) 19 18.06.2002
Candidates, Members and the Constitution [HTML] [PDF 464KB] (Abstract) 18 28.05.2002
Voters and the Franchise: the Federal Story [HTML] [PDF 285KB] (Abstract) 17 28.05.2002
Cheques and Balances [HTML] [PDF 261KB] (Abstract) 16 28.05.2002
The Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Power; from the Cradle to the Grave [HTML] [PDF 445KB] (Abstract) 15 28.05.2002
Gambling: An Australian Tradition on the Up! [HTML] [PDF 82KB] (Abstract) 14 14.05.2002
Terrorism and The Law in Australia: Supporting Materials [HTML] [PDF 342KB] (Abstract) 13 19.03.2002
Terrorism and the Law in Australia: Legislation, Commentary and Constraints [HTML] [PDF 417KB] (Abstract) 12 19.03.2002
Commonwealth Election 2001 [HTML] [PDF 586KB] (Abstract) 11 19.03.2002
The Commonwealth Budget: Process and Presentation [HTML] [PDF 235KB] (Abstract) 10 19.03.2002
Federal Election Results 1949-2001 [PDF 227KB] (Abstract) 9 12.03.2002
Israel and the Palestinians: Endless Blood and Retribution? [HTML] [PDF 798KB] (Abstract) 8 12.03.2002
Globalisation in its Asia-Pacific Context [HTML] [PDF 163KB] (Abstract) 7 19.02.2002
Reforming the Old and Refining the New: A Critical Overview of Australian Approaches to Cannabis [HTML] [PDF 359KB] (Abstract) 6 10.10.2001
Shaping Relations Between Government and Citizens: Future Directions in Public Administration? [HTML] [PDF 285KB] (Abstract) 5 03.10.2001
Procuring Change: How Kockums was Selected for the Collins Class Submarine [HTML] [PDF 139KB] (Abstract) 4 18.09.2001
Getting in Early: Lessons of the Collins Submarine Program for Improved Oversight of Defence Procurement [HTML] [PDF 362KB] (Abstract) 3 18.09.2001
Declining Biodiversity and Unsustainable Agricultural Production—Common Cause, Common Solution? [HTML] [PDF 406KB] (Abstract) 2 21.08.2001
Internal Conflict in Indonesia: Causes. Symptoms and Sustainable Resolution [HTML] [PDF 6613KB] (Abstract) 1 07.08.2001