Research Papers 1997–98

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Title Number Date
Biological Diversity and Indigenous Knowledge [HTML] [PDF 412KB] 17 29.06.98
Shades of Green? Proposals to Change Commonwealth Environmental Laws [HTML] [PDF 459KB] 16 23.06.98
Will Privatisation and Contracting Out Deliver Community Services? [HTML] [PDF 403KB] 15 01.06.98
Electricity Industry Restructuring: The State of Play [HTML] [PDF 372KB] 14 25.05.98
What Price Dignity? - Remedies in Australian Anti-Discrimination Law [HTML] [PDF 385KB] 13 12.05.98
Beyond the Three Mines - In Situ Uranium Leaching Proposals in South Australia [HTML] [PDF 437KB] 12 12.05.98
How the Internet is Being Used by Political Organisations: Promises, Problems and Pointers [HTML] [PDF 526KB] 11 03.03.98
Policy Debates in Federal Election Campaigns, 1972-96 [HTML] [PDF 377KB] 10 24.11.97
Backbenchers and the Press Gallery: Aspects of the Canberra Political Process [HTML] [PDF 348 KB] 9 24.11.97
Call Out the Troops: an examination of the legal basis for Australian Defence Force involvement in 'non-defence' matters (update of a Background Paper issued 5 September 1991) [HTML] [PDF 601KB] 8 24.11.97
Constitutional and Political Change in Fiji [HTML] [PDF 444KB] 7 11.11.97
Public Rental Housing Policy: Learning the Lessons from Overseas [HTML] [PDF 452KB] 6 10.11.97
Different Perspectives on Black Armband History [HTML] [PDF 472KB] 5 10.11.97
Can Deregulation Save Australian Industrial Relations?: A Review of British and New Zealand Policy Experience and its Implications for Australia [HTML] [PDF 410KB] 4 27.10.97
The Gender Gap in Australian Elections [HTML] [PDF 448KB] 3 20.10.97
Is There an Ethnic Electorate Effect on Representation? Evidence from the 1993 Australian Candidate Study [HTML] [PDF 468KB] 2 20.10.97
Immigration, Social Cohesion and National Identity [HTML] [PDF 402KB] 1 01.09.97