Indigenous law and justice

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Diane Spooner

The Attorney-General’s Portfolio budget statements 2013-14, Program 1.5: Indigenous Law and Justice,[1] has an increase in expenses for this Program of $6.0 million per year in 2013-14 and 2014-15 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services. The aim of this Program is to improve access to justice for Indigenous people through the provision of services.[2]

This increase in expenses reflects the additional budget measure Legal assistance —expansion of funding. This measure is set out in Budget measures: budget paper no. 2: 2013-14 where the Government will provide $42.0 million over two years for legal assistance services.[3] Funding of $15.0 million in each of the next two years will be provided to state and territory legal aid commissions, and funding of $6.0 million in each year will be provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services.[4]

However, it is not clear if this additional funding is included in the budget amounts listed for Indigenous legal aid and policy reform ($73.8 million in 2013-2014—up from $68.2 million in 2012‑2013).[5]

In his speech outlining access to justice measures in the Budget, the Attorney-General said that the $12 million of new funding will allow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services to:

[b]uild on the recent increase in Commonwealth funding for family law and child protection matters and to respond to expensive and complex criminal cases.[6]

Further details on legal aid and community legal services can be found in the Legal Aid brief.

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