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Title Date 
2011 NSW Election  1.3MB 23.06.2011
Australia-Korea Year of Friendship 2011 497KB 20.06.2011
How do federal and state electorates overlap? 1.09MB 2.06.2011
Overview of Indigenous Affairs: Part 2: 1992 to 2010  703KB 10.05.2011
Overview of Indigenous Affairs: Part 1: 1901 to 1991  110KB 10.05.2011
Postcodes in electoral divisions (2009 boundaries)  2.52MB 6.05.2011
The ABC: an overview  1.26MB 20.04.2011
Meeting employee entitlements in the event of employer insolvency  699KB 4.04.2011
Foreign investment in Australia: recent developments  658KB 1.04.2011 
The annual allowance for senators and members  134KB 23.02.2011
Social security payments for the aged, people with disabilities and carers 1901 to 2010  524KB 21.02.2011
Aviation safety regulation timeline 1982–2011  1012KB 7.02.2011
Australian Government funding for schools explained 519KB 31.01.2011
Seeking Asylum: Australia’s humanitarian program  723KB 21.01.2011
Performance standards to reduce energy emissions  277KB 14.01.2011

Hung parliaments and minority governments  613KB

NATO’s new Strategic Concept and issues for Australia  256KB 17.12.2010
Of the plan: Commonwealth city planning systems  376KB 16.12.2010
How many are employed in the Commonwealth public sector?  500KB 26.11.2010
Greenhouse Gas Emissions: still trading after all these years  682KB 12.11.2010
The sinking of the Montevideo Maru  283KB 8.11.2010
Migration to Australia since federation: a guide to the statistics  1139KB 29.10.2010
Australia's Migration Program  384KB 29.10.2010
Developments in Australian refugee law and policy 2007–10: Labor’s first term in office  785KB 18.10.2010
Chronology of changes in the Australian Public Service 1975–2010  469KB 11.10.2010
Superannuation benefits for senators and members  350KB 7.10.2010
The Australian Resources Sector—its contribution to the nation, and a brief review of issues and impacts  285KB 23.09.2010
Commonwealth Indigenous-specific expenditure 1968–2010  440KB 16.09.2010
Identified National Broadband Network (NBN) funding sources and allocations  110KB 16 .08.2010

Australia's military involvement in Afghanistan since 2001: a chronology  415KB