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Title   Date
Australian elections timetable [PDF 96KB] 25.06.2009
The US Waxman–Markey climate change bill [PDF 182KB] 15.06.2009
Commonwealth arts policy and administration [PDF 495KB] 7.05.2009
Women parliamentarians in Australia 1921–2009 [PDF 1634KB] 4.05.2009

Obesity prevention in young children: what does the evidence say? [PDF 406KB]


The Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism [PDF 518KB] 23.04.2009
Tasmania redistribution, 2009 [PDF 241KB] 31.03.2009
Child abuse and protection in Australia 18.03.2009
Climate change policy: Brazil, China, India and Russia 24.02.2009
Western Australian redistribution, 2008 19.02.2009
Options for reforming Australia's health system 16.02.2009
Social Security Payments for People Caring for Children, 1912 to 2008: a chronology 1010KB 29.01.2009
What makes a carbon leak? 23.12.2008
Liquid fuel from coal 19.12.2008
Australia's Free Trade Agreements  823KB 2.12.2008
Aviation safety regulation timeline 1982–2008 2.12.2008
Population change in Commonwealth electoral divisions, 2006 to 2007 27.11.2008
Current legal issues in franchising in Australia 17.11.2008
Pakistan after Musharraf 10.11.2008
Remembrance Day 2008—the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I 7.11.2008
Dental benefits for chronic conditions—an update 30.10.2008

Chronology of genetic engineering regulation in Australia: 1953-1999


Behind the scenes of the Russia–Georgia conflict 17.09.2008
The Union for the Mediterranean 12.09.2008
The annual allowance for senators and members 1.09.2008
Emissions—who is trading what? 15.08.2008