Australia and Refugees, 19012002: An Annotated Chronology Based on Official Sources

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Last updated 16 June 2003

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Section 1: Australia and Refugees, 1901-1991

Scope and Methodology

From White Australia to Port Hedland

Chronology, 1901-1991

Chronology 1901-1980

Chronology 1981-1991

Section 2: Australia and Refugees, 1992-2002


An International Context

Australia's Policy, 1992-2002: Mandatory Detention, Protests, People Smugglers and the Pacific Solution

Chronology, 1992-2002

Chronology 1992-1996

Chronology 1997-1999

Chronology 2000-2001

Chronology 2002

List: Major Government Sponsored and Parliamentary Committee Reports 1945-2003

List of Tables

Table 1: Humanitarian Arrivals (Assisted), Financial Years 194748 to 197475

Table 2: Humanitarian Arrivals, Financial Years 194748 to 1990 91

Table 3: Humanitarian Arrivals, Financial Years 199192 to 200001

Table 4: Humanitarian Program by Country of Birth, 19911992 to 20012002

Table 5: Estimated Global Refugee Population and 'Persons of Concern' to the UNHCR, 19782002(a)

Table 6: Ministers of Immigration, Ministries and gross annual settler intake, 19451991(a)

Table 7: Onshore Asylum Applications 19892002

Table 8: Unauthorised Arrivals by Air and Sea, 198990 to 200102


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