Current Issues Briefs 1994 - 1995

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Current Issues Briefs published January 1994 - June 1995:



Revenue before rhetoric: a critique of fuel taxation in Australia [PDF 2125KB] 50 28.06.1995
Commonwealth Bank sale: Fisher's Ghost [PDF 293KB] 49 28.06.1995
The atomic bombing of Japan: necessity or atrocity? [PDF 4025KB] 48 26.06.1995
Raison d'Etat and popular response: the resumption of French nuclear testing in the South Pacific. [PDF 5752KB] 47 22.06.1995
The US/Japan trade dispute [PDF 1906KB] 46 8.06.1995 
Anabolic steroids - a growing community concern [PDF 2775KB] 45  5.06.1995 
Public housing and the Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement [PDF 820KB] 44  2.06.1995 
Australia's greenhouse negotiations in Berlin: Australian Institute of Energy: Seminar [PDF 1761KB 43  ??.05.1995 
Is nuclear testing nearly over? [PDF 2074KB] 42  10.04.1995 
Gunns Ltd woodchips export case [PDF 618KB] 41  5.04.1995 
Trimming the tribunals: Brandy v Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 40  30.03.1995 
[This number not used]   
Future directions for unions after ASAHI [PDF 1182KB 38  29.03.1995 
Acid sulphate soils: implications for coastal fishing and development [PDF 2150KB 37  28.03.1995 
Report: Outlook 95 Conference (Minerals and Energy [PDF 2266KB] 36 27.02.1995 
Compulsory retirement: to their last breath [PDF 887KB] 35  6.03.1995 
The definition of 'refugee' and China's one child policy [PDF 685KB] 34  22.02.1995 
Chechnya - the Russian Federation in crisis [PDF 3329KB] 33  7.02.1995 

Working Nation: a progress report [PDF 2083KB]   

32  6.02.1995 

The woodchip licensing issue [PDF 8028KB]  

31  8.02.1995 
Port Hinchinbrook: to be or not to be?  [PDF 4342KB]. 30  7.12.1994 
Australia's current account deficit: past present and future [PDF 2642KB] 29  30.11.1994 

Cambodia Catch 22: the question of Australian military assistance to the Royal Government of Cambodia [PDF 1870KB]  

28  16.11.1994 
Enterprise agreements: myths and realities (a conference report [PDF 2453KB] 27 14.11.1994 
APEC and Australia: the Bogor summit and beyond  [PDF 5130KB] 26  15.11.1994 
Income contribution from bankrupts: a recent Federal Court decision  [PDF 339KB] 25  9.11.1994 

The Coalition's and Government's cultural policy statements: background and analysis [PDF 1087KB

24  20.10.1994 
Defamation and politicians: fair game - or keeping the game fair? [PDF 634KB] 23  17.10.1994 
Bikpela maunten i paiarap: the Rabaul volcanoes [PDF 1498KB] 22  12.10.1994 
Citizen initiated referenda: cure-all or curate's egg?  [PDF 1757KB] 21  20.10.1994 
It ain't necessarily so: country of origin labelling [PDF 817KB] 20  28.09.1994 
Mutual advantage: Papua New Guinea politics, the election of Sir Julius Chan and Australian interests [PDF 2932KB] 19  22.09.1994 
Racial vilification: an overview of the issues [PDF 619KB] 18  21.06.1994 
The Rwanda crisis: communal conflict and international responses [PDF 5095KB] 17  25.08.1994 
Moving mountains, whipping up whirlwinds. Political succession in North Korea [PDF 4641KB] 16  10.08.1994 
Comet and asteroid impacts: does earth need protection?  [PDF 3628KB] 15  9.08.1994 
Grocery chains: the Foodland bid [PDF 455KB] 14  18.07.1994 
Cambodia: the immediate outlook [PDF 4556KB] 13  7.07.1994 
Innovation without change?: Commonwealth involvement in Aboriginal health policy [PDF 1222KB] 12  28.06.1994 
Background to the Macedonian question [PDF 3430KB 11  23.06.1994 
The killing fields of Rwanda [PDF 1697KB] 10  2.06.1994 
Australia's overseas aid program: an analysis of the 1994-95 aid budget [PDF 1982KB 31.05.1994 
A house divided: the South African elections of April 1994 [PDF 5122KB 11.05.1994 
Population policies: family planning and reproductive rights [PDF1101KB] 10.05.1994 
Strange bedfellows: the UN Human Rights Committee and the Tasmanian Parliament [PDF 232KB]

Japan and the Hosokawa government: a preliminary post-mortem [PDF 2884KB]

Assessments of the economic outlook [PDF 4547KB]

Reducing unemployment: a conference report [PDF 3600KB]


Report: Outlook 94 Conference (Minerals and Energy [PDF 1834KB]

"Restoring full employment": an overview [PDF 2354KB]