Appendix 6: Publications

This appendix contains summary information on current Department of the House of Representatives publications.



House of Representatives pages on Parliament of Australia website

The site includes members’ home pages and home pages for House of Representatives committees and for joint committees administered by the Department of the House of Representatives.

Most of the publications listed below are available on the site.

Publications directly related to the work of the House and its committees

About the House

Magazine containing news of the House and its members. Two hard copy and two digital issues were produced during the year.

Committee Office brochures

·          Appearing at a public hearing: notes to help those appearing as a witness at a
           parliamentary committee hearing, June 2014     

·          Committee support standards, June 2014

·          Dealing with parliamentary committees, June 2014

·         Making a submission: notes to help those intending to make a submission to a
          parliamentary committee inquiry, June 2014

A House for the nation

History project including CD-ROM, documentary and study guide on 100 years of Australia’s House of Representatives (1901–2001)

House of Representatives facts and figures: Forty-fourth Parliament, fourth edition

A document produced primarily for use by Parliament House visitors’ guides, May 2016

House of Representatives guide to procedures, fifth edition A concise introduction to the procedures of the House of Representatives, January 2014



House of Representatives Infosheet series

1                     Questions, February 2014

2                     A typical sitting day, February 2014

3                     The Speaker, August 2015

4                     Committees, February 2014

5                     Parliamentary privilege, February 2014

6                     Opportunities for private members, May 2014

7                     Making laws, August 2014

8                     Elections for the House of Representatives, February 2014

9                     A new parliament, February 2014

10                  The budget and financial legislation, February 2014

11                  Petitions, February 2014

12                  Finding out about the House, February 2014

13                  The Constitution, February 2014

14                  Making decisions—debate and division, March 2014

15                  The work of a member of parliament, February 2014

16                  The Federation Chamber, February 2016

17                  Citizens’ right of reply, February 2014

18                  Double dissolution, May 2016

19                  The House, government and opposition, February 2014

20                  The Australian system of government, February 2014

21                  The Clerk and other officials, February 2014

22                  Political parties, January 2014

House of Representatives practice, sixth edition

The official authority for issues of practice and procedure, 2012

Images of the House

A pictorial record of the people and events that shaped the House from 1901 to 2001, June 2002

Members’ notes

1                     First speech, January 2014

2                     The registration of members’ interests, August 2014

3                     Introduction to the Chamber environment, January 2014

4                     Etiquette in the Chamber, January 2014

5                     House business documents and guidance, January 2014

6                     Motions, debate and voting, March 2014

7                     Bills, August 2014

8                     Raising a matter in the House, February 2014

9                     Private members’ motions, January 2014

10                  Private members’ bills and amendments, January 2014

11                  Procedural motions, January 2014

12                  Parliamentary privilege, January 2014

13                  Presenting a petition, March 2014

Members’ handbook

A guide to services and facilities for members of the House of Representatives, 2013

Procedural Digest

A record of procedural events in the House of Representatives, published each sitting week or fortnight



Procedural publications and research papers

The Federal Parliament 1988–2013, Bernard Wright AO, Former Clerk of the House of Representatives, October 2015 (available online at

The Speaker of the House of Representatives

An illustrated history of the office, role and duties of the Speaker, April 2016

Standing Orders of the House of Representatives

The permanent rules of procedure, as of 26 March 2015 Amendments to the standing orders were issued on 13 October 2015 and 2 February 2016

Statistical Digest

A statistical record of the work of the House of Representatives, published each sitting week or fortnight

Work of the Session

A periodic summary of the business of the House and its committees: Autumn and Winter 2015, Spring 2015, Autumn 2016 and Winter 2016

Working with Parliamentary Committees, June 2014

·          A guide for committee chairs

·          A guide for members

·          A guide for members’ staff

Publications of an administrative nature

Department of the House of Representatives annual report 2014-15

The annual report on the operations of the department, presented to the House pursuant to the Parliamentary Service Act 1999

Department of the House of Representatives Corporate Plan 2015-16

Department of the House of Representatives Enterprise Agreement 2012–15

Department of the House of Representatives Portfolio Budget Statements 2015–16

Department of the House of Representatives Service Charter: Community Service Standards, April 2013


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