Department of the House of Representatives

The interior of the House of Representatives chamber.

Who we are

The Department of the House of Representatives provides services to support the efficient conduct of the House of Representatives, its committees and certain joint committees as well as a range of services and facilities for Members in Parliament House.

The department also undertakes activities to promote the work of the House in the community and is responsible for the conduct of the Parliament’s international and regional relations.

The Speaker has accountability obligations to the Parliament for the department. The Clerk of the House of Representatives is responsible for managing the department.


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About the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives has a number of important functions: it determines the government, debates and passes laws, watches over government administration and expenditure, and provides a forum for public debate on issues of national importance. It shares the power to make laws with the other House of Parliament, the Senate.

There are currently 151 members who have been chosen at a general election to represent the interests of the community. Each member represents one geographic area of Australia. Members are elected for a 3 year term and when in parliament take part in debate on proposed laws and public policy, representing the views of the people in their electorate.

Parliament House Calendar

February 2023

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