Research Papers 2011–12

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Title Number Date
Budget Review 2012–13 1480KB 593KB 9 10.05.2012
2010 Federal Election: a brief history 1310KB  585KB 8 06.03.2012
Balancing act: the Australian Greens 2008–2011 1.08MB  140KB 7 08.02.2012
Federal election results 1901–2010 5.40MB  321KB 6 14.12.2011
Securing a clean energy future: some economic aspects 725KB  81KB 5 23.11.2011
What are we doing to ensure the sustainability of the health system? 826KB  99KB 4 18.11.2011
The e health revolution—easier said than done 1.02MB  1070KB 3 17.11.2011
Commonwealth election 2010 3.11MB  265KB 2 15.08.2011
Citizens' engagement in policymaking and the design of public services   130KB  1 22.07.2011