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Budget 2010–11: Defence


Laura Rayner

It is getting harder to come to any conclusion on Defence’s financials, because the process is even murkier than usual.[1]

Total funding in the 2010–11 Defence budget is estimated to be $26 896.6 million. From this amount Defence will provide $10 536.8 million to the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) for procurement of equipment and the provision of sustainment services to the Australian Defence Force, making up the bulk of DMO’s total net resourcing of $11 996.5 million for 2010–11.[2] The 2010–11 Defence budget of $26 896.6 million is a six per cent increase on the $25 371.6 million which the Defence Portfolio Budget Statements 2010–11 list as the estimated actual funding for 2009–10.[3]

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