Department of Parliamentary Services Annual Report 2011-2012

List of tables

Table 3.1—Security services—subprogram 2.1—non-financial indicators
Table 3.2—Security services—subprogram 2.1—financial indicators 
Table 3.3—Facilities services—subprogram 2.2—customers 
Table 3.4—Facilities services—subprogram 2.2—visitors 
Table 3.5—Facilities services—subprogram 2.2—price indicator 
Table 3.6—Building infrastructure services—subprogram 3.1—quality indicators 
Table 3.7—Building condition index score by zone 
Table 3.8—Landscape condition index score by area
Table 3.9—Design integrity index score by area
Table 3.10—Building infrastructure services—subprogram 3.1—quantity indicators 
Table 3.11—Building infrastructure services—subprogram 3.1—price indicators 
Table 3.12—IT infrastructure services—subprogram 3.2—quality indicators 
Table 3.13—IT infrastructure services—subprogram 3.2—quantity indicator 
Table 3.14—Registered PCN users 
Table 3.15—IT infrastructure services—subprogram 3.2—price indicators 
Table 3.16—Broadcasting services—subprogram 4.1—quality indicator 
Table 3.17—Broadcasting services—subprogram 4.1—quantity indicator 
Table 3.18—Broadcasting services—subprogram 4.1—price indicators 
Table 3.19—Hansard services—subprogram 4.2—quality indicators 
Table 3.20—Hansard services—subprogram 4.2—quantity indicators 
Table 3.21—Hansard services—subprogram 4.2—price indicators 
Table 3.22—Administered items—Building works—quality, quantity and price indicators 
Table 3.23—Administered items—Artworks—quality, quantity and price indicators 
Table 4.1—Research services—subprogram 1.1—deliverables 
Table 4.2—Research services—subprogram 1.1—key performance indicators 
Table 4.3—Research services—subprogram 1.1—price indicators 
Table 4.4—Information access services—subprogram 1.2—deliverables 
Table 4.5—Information access services—subprogram 1.2—key performance indicators 
Table 4.6—Information access services—subprogram 1.2—price indicators 
Table 5.1—Summary of performance 
Table 5.2—Audit Committee attendance 
Table 5.3—Internal audits considered by the Audit Committee in 2011–12 
Table 5.4—Classification and salary ranges as at 30 June 2012 
Table 5.5—Staff numbers at classification level as at 30 June 2012 
Table 5.6—Staff retention and turnover statistics 
Table 5.7—Employee separation by age and gender 
Table 5.8—Staff commencements 
Table 5.9—Staff commencements in 2011–12 by Age/Gender 
Table 5.10—Staff health and wellbeing 
Table 5.11—Advertising costs
Table 5.12—Legal services expenditure
Table 5.13—Energy consumed at Parliament House and by transport
Table 5.14—Parliament House emissions
Table 5.15—Emissions of air pollutants from natural gas consumption