Welcoming the class of 2019

Monday, 1 July 2019 in Chamber, Procedural

Newly-elected Members of the House of Representatives came to Canberra in June to discuss their new roles as federal parliamentarians.

Speaker Tony Smith and the Clerk of the House David Elder introduced the MPs to their new lives in the House of Representatives over the two-day seminar, held in the House of Representatives Chamber.

Welcoming the ‘class of 2019’, Mr Smith said Members always remember their first time in the Chamber, and reminded them that they form part of a unique group of individuals – only 1,203 people in Australia’s history have been elected as Members of the House of Representatives.

Learning to navigate the 75,000 sq. metre building, understanding Chamber proceedings, the work of Committees and what newly-elected MPs can expect during their first week on the job were all on the agenda.

As well as hearing from officials of the House of Representatives and other parliamentary and executive agencies, the new recruits heard from seasoned MPs about negotiating the many demands on Members of Parliament.