Meet Our Graduates

2023 Graduate Cohort

Our 2023 cohort are currently undertaking their development program, and have been offered the opportunities to undertake 3 rotations within DPS, including but not limited to:

  • Parliamentary Library - Research Branch
  • Cyber Security
  • Property Services
  • Corporate Operations/HR
  • Digital Recording Services (Hansard, Broadcasting etc)
  • Security Operations
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Communications & Media
  • Legal
  • Art Collections
  • Client Relations
  • Parliamentary Coordination

2022 Graduate Cohort



Upon commencement as a graduate, Dan started in the Software Development team, before rotating to the Network Operations team, where he chose to stay for the remainder of the program.

Dan’s best memories of his first few months of the graduate program include touring Australian Parliament House and the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House. 

Dan’s advice for anyone applying to the program is to show an eagerness to learn, adapt and be flexible in various environments. 

Dan now works in the Cyber Systems & Strategy team as a Network Operations Officer. He assists in the maintenance and support of the DPS-managed computing networks, including the installation and configuration of hardware and software, diagnosis and resolution of basic network issues, and analysis and investigation of anomalies presented by network monitoring tools. 




Amelia joined the program in the Law, Bills and Digest section in the Parliamentary Library. She then rotated to our Change Management team, before undertaking a placement in Parliamentary Coordination, where she assisted with the preparation, planning and facilitation of our Senate Estimates.

Amelia fondly remembers walking up to Parliament House on her first day and seeing the giant flag, knowing she would be working in the building. Amelia also enjoys experiencing the traditions and customs in the building, such as the proroguing of Parliament.

Her advice for anyone applying to the graduate program is to look at the Corporate Plan and some of the departmental publications to get an understanding of how the department works.

Upon completion of the program, Amelia accepted a position within the Parliamentary Coordination team, where she now works as a Senior Advisor. Her role is to provide high-level strategic advice, support and coordination services to the Executive team and line areas to ensure DPS is adequately prepared ahead of our triannual appearance before the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration.




Remy joined the Department in the Business Management and Strategic Advisory team of our Security Branch. He then rotated to the Security Capability section and joined their Change Management team, before undertaking his final placement in the Human-Centric Cyber Defence team within our Cyber Security Branch.

Remy has been involved in the security logistics of delivering the Federal Budget, and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s speech to Australian Parliament. He is also the proud third prize winner of the DPS Social Club’s raffle, where he won some locally sourced produce and other goodies.

If you’re thinking of applying, Remy says to look at the website for more information about what the graduate program can offer, and consider how the department’s values might align with your own when completing your application.

After graduating from the program, Remy joined the Cyber Governance, Risk & Assurance team within the Cyber Security Branch. In this role, he facilitates and supports a range of DPS cyber security program initiatives, as well as engaging with stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of proper cyber hygiene.




Upon commencement, Karis started in the Reporting and Compliance team in the Security Branch. She then rotated into the Security Policy team, and the Physical Security & Assets team.

Karis’ favourite experiences in the program include the extensive development opportunities that she was offered to learn and grow her skills, as well as the support and guidance offered by her colleagues and supervisors. She also enjoyed the opportunity to liaise with Senior Executive Service (SES) level staff during the program, an opportunity which many larger departments are not able to offer. 

Karis’s advice for anyone applying for the program is to take any opportunity that comes your way, as it’s a great way to be challenged and get the most from your graduate experience.

Karis now works as A/g Assistant Director, Security Reporting & Compliance team. The Security Policy Team develops and maintains the APH Security Policy and Governance Framework and the DPS Security Documentation Framework. They provide guidance and advice on the interpretation and application of security policy.