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1Lend Lease (PDF 2221 KB)  b8bffb59-591b-4b74-8196-88a07c0b47c0~31866
2Bus Industry Confederation (PDF 159 KB)  a572a3fc-fa99-403e-9c40-a20a8d306a00~31903
3Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure (PDF 1733 KB)  35e6f98c-7336-4d74-a630-377eca3c4df2~31915
4Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association Inc (PDF 98 KB)  03ed2e4d-f492-41f4-96d2-85166a007e61~31966
5Ettamogah Rail Hub (PDF 97 KB)  540872ed-8934-4d44-9c3c-0a9b4e973c36~31968
6Tourism & Transport Forum (PDF 229 KB)  d43405d3-69fb-4b1c-a47a-eeaf3f0db307~31976
7Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (PDF 282 KB)  392f6418-ea44-4d6d-a453-6b59cc0df5c5~32006
8Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF 345 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 5913 KB)  4ad8e34c-3c62-4901-acc0-3cd9f4a5d9af~32007|9fc9b55c-1a4a-406a-894b-830ca5471e88~32007
9Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council  (PDF 233 KB)  74545c6e-2c0b-4413-aa19-b604c41aa961~32009
10Urban Development Institute of Australia (National) (PDF 405 KB)  22408469-cd6d-4e25-97fd-25ad2bbe0c71~32029
11Australian Logistics Council  (PDF 619 KB)  bebf773d-7c55-4bb8-8af1-15e1b6ea6c59~32032
12Consult Australia (PDF 108 KB)  2d68835d-25c5-4787-a552-ec28ba1aa369~31945
13Infrastructure Australia (PDF 8027 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 804 KB)  Attachment 2 (PDF 71 KB)  Attachment 3 (PDF 9 KB)  Attachment 4 (PDF 2002 KB)  cf482dba-d55a-4713-a2d2-f6591db99f63~32138|8ba3b02a-f412-42ba-8ff8-e7dd5a381354~32138|5438e6d2-46ab-4933-9b93-260550b7d2d6~32138|e1f71a9b-0fbb-4c62-8ba2-85217759105c~32138|c757cb9c-4c6b-499d-b25f-00ccf75f5b35~32138
14Associate Professor Philip Laird (PDF 132 KB)  109e16a0-4ecc-48f8-8c81-94820cc780bc~32187
15Business Council of Australia (PDF 228 KB)  e4695116-2ebc-46ae-8cd3-b1e498eee7e9~32207
16Mr Matt Mushalik (PDF 961 KB)  c4a56141-7dea-4c6a-9023-661e36470081~32208
17Committee for Melbourne (PDF 87 KB)  bf4bf675-465b-4c32-8aec-f0deaca2769d~32161
18Mr Geoff Edwards (PDF 158 KB)  f77f82b4-b32f-41cf-8496-4fe681865a9c~32166
19Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (PDF 497 KB)  1165c7a3-3e4e-433e-aca4-095819c5352c~32959
20Australian Automobile Association  (PDF 264 KB)  32299812-2e9d-46e5-8a20-efc159a4ea5f~205212

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About this inquiry

An inquiry into the Infrastructure Australia Amendment Bill 2013.

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28 Feb 2014: Canberra, ACT


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