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Appendix C – Public Hearing


Wednesday, 15 February 2012 - Canberra

Transport Workers’ Union of Australia

              Mr Frank Black, Member

              Mr Paul Freyer, Member

              Mr Michael Kaine, National Assistant Secretary

              Mr Jim McGiveron, National President

              Mr Tony Sheldon, National Secretary

              Mr Ian James Vaughan, Delegate

Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation

              Mr Laurie D’Apice, National Vice President

              Mr Paul Ryan, National Industrial Advisor

Australian Industry Group

              Mr Brent Ferguson, Senior Advisor Workplace Relations

              Mr Michael Mead, National Manager, Advocacy & Policy

Australian Logistics Council

              Mr Kerry Corke, Policy Adviser

              Mr Michael Kilgariff, Managing Director

              Mr Duncan Sheppard, Communications and Policy Director

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

              Ms Jody Anderson, Branch Manager, Diversity and Flexibility Branch

              Mr John Kovacic, Deputy Secretary, Workplace Relations

              Mr Henry Lis, Branch Manager, Institutions and Workplace Safety Branch, Workplace Relations Legal Group

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