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On 12 September 2005 the House of Representatives Standing Committee tabled the Sustainable Cities report. The committee called for the development of a Sustainability Charter based on measurable outcomes, over a certain period, with intermediate milestones.

The charter should be aspirational. It must provide targets for the Australian community to meet and, once those targets have been met they must be re-assessed so new targets can be put in place.

The Committee is now inquiring into and will report on key elements of a sustainability charter and identify the most important and achievable targets, particularly in relation to:

  1. The built environment;
  2. Water;
  3. Energy;
  4. Transport; and,
  5. Ecological footprint.

The Committee invites submissions from individuals and organisations with an interest or expertise in these matters.

Anyone preparing to make a submission should first read the Discussion Paper (PDF 234KB).

To view or print the issues paper in PDF, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

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