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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 118 submissions in the following list.

  1. Mackey, Professor Brendan (PDF 98KB)
  2. International Association of Public Transport (Australia/New Zealand) (PDF 747KB)
  3. WaRDS Association (PDF 213KB)
  4. Hammond, Professor Geoffrey (PDF 186KB)
  5. Land and Environment Planning (PDF 34KB)
  6. Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League (PDF 1189KB)
  7. McNeilly, Tom (PDF 1369KB)
  8. Gleen, Wendy (PDF 308KB)
  9. Mosley, Dr Geoff (PDF 939KB)
  10. Save Our Suburbs (Ryde District) (PDF 113KB)
  11. Davies, Kirsten (PDF 205KB)
  12. Earth Charter Australia (PDF 450KB)
  13. Hocking, Gordon (PDF 233KB)
  14. Cunningham, Susan (PDF 20KB)
  15. City of Joondalup (PDF 54KB)
  16. May, Dr Murray (PDF 239KB)
  17. McCormack, Lyndall (PDF 286KB)
  18. Curnow, Jill - Hampton NSW (PDF 199KB)
  19. National Trust of Australia (Victoria) (PDF 279KB)
  20. Karol, Dr Elizabeth - WA (PDF 201KB)
  21. Maude, Dr Alaric - SA (PDF 229KB)
  22. Sustainable Population Australia - SA (PDF 259KB)
  23. Alan Parker Design - VIC (PDF 397KB)
  24. Hydro Tasmania - TAS (PDF 298KB)
  25. EcoSTEPS - NSW (PDF 462KB)
  26. Birds Australia - NSW (PDF 372KB)
  27. Australian Council of Building Design Professionals - VIC (PDF 403KB)
  28. Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy - VIC (PDF 414KB)
  29. Vinyl Council of Australia - VIC (PDF 252KB)
  30. Trainer, Ted - NSW (PDF 230KB)
  31. Australian Association for Environmental Education (PDF 237KB)
  32. Lillis, James (PDF 295KB)
  33. Real Estate Institute of Australia (PDF 248KB)
  34. Uniting Care NSW.ACT (PDF 228KB)
  35. Clean Up Australia (PDF 389KB)
  36. Allen, Peter
  37. Pittwater Sustainability Working Group (PDF 227KB)
  38. Council of Mayors (South East Queensland) (PDF 239KB)
  39. LPG Australia (PDF 212KB)
  40. Kapera, Ziggy (PDF 506KB)
  41. Disability Council of NSW (PDF 251KB)
  42. National Sea Change Task Force (PDF 268KB)
  43. Engineers Australia (PDF 328KB)
  44. Sustainable Population Australia (PDF 261KB)
  45. Centre for Public Agency Sustainability Reporting (PDF 515KB)

  46. Centre for Public Agency Sustainability Reporting - Attachment A (PDF 78KB)
    Centre for Public Agency Sustainability Reporting - Attachment B (PDF 511KB)
    Centre for Public Agency Sustainability Reporting - Attachment C (PDF 661KB)

  47. Sutherland Shire Council (PDF 205KB)

  48. Sutherland Shire Council - Attachment A (PDF 237KB)

  49. Integrated Sustainability Analysis Group (PDF 277KB)
  50. Australian International Council on Monuments and Sites (PDF 245KB)
  51. Urban Development Institute of Australia (Queensland) (PDF 292KB)
  52. Lennon, Dr Jane (PDF 243KB)
  53. Cox, Mr Daryl (PDF 196KB)
  54. Keep Australia Beautiful (PDF 253KB)
  55. Jessup, Mr Graeme (PDF 240KB)
  56. Jones, Marie (PDF 818KB)
  57. GRD Limited (PDF 1281KB)
  58. Nillumbik Shire Council (PDF 6246KB)
  59. Ellis, Ms Maree (PDF 220KB)
  60. Clarke, Mr Dennis J (PDF 219KB)
  61. Babcock and Brown Environmental Investments Ltd (PDF 373KB)
  62. Maroochy Shire Council (PDF 715KB)
  63. CSIRO (PDF 338KB)
  64. Sustainable Transport Coalition WA (PDF 211KB)
  65. McMichael, Professor Anthony J (PDF 258KB)
  66. Jones, A R (PDF 205KB)
  67. Mushalik, Mr Matt (PDF 780KB)

  68. Mushalik, Mr Matt - Attachment A (PDF 67KB)
    Mushalik, Mr Matt - Attachment B (PDF 27KB)
    Mushalik, Mr Matt - Attachment C (PDF 117KB)
    Mushalik, Mr Matt - Attachment Map A (JPG 60KB)
    Mushalik, Mr Matt - Attachment Map B (JPG 41KB)

  69. Australian Green Development Forum (PDF 222KB)
  70. City of Melbourne - Covering letter (PDF 248KB)

  71. City of Melbourne - Submission (PDF 265KB)

  72. Ede, Sharon (PDF 304KB)
  73. Northern Territory Government (PDF 142KB)
  74. Australian Council for Infrastructure Development Ltd (PDF 216KB)
  75. Eco Society and Sustainnovation (PDF 716KB)
  76. Environment Business Australia (PDF 282KB)
  77. Arup - Covering letter (PDF 411KB)

  78. Arup - Submission (PDF 527KB)

  79. Blue Mountains Commuter & Transport Users Association Inc (PDF 202KB)
  80. Georgina Legoe (PDF 240KB)
  81. Trigg, Mr Matthew (PDF 670KB)
  82. Pine Rivers Shire Council (PDF 208KB)
  83. Building Products Innovation Council (PDF 220KB)
  84. Sydney West Area Health Service (PDF 439KB)
  85. Doctors for the Environment Australia (PDF 263KB)
  86. Australian Council of Recyclers Inc (PDF 321KB)

  87. Australian Council of Recyclers Inc - Submision (PDF 544KB)

  88. Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (PDF 211KB)
  89. Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 737KB)
  90. CRC Construction Innovation - Covering letter (PDF 79KB)
    CRC Construction Innovation - Submission (PDF 99KB)
  91. Bus Industry Confederation (PDF 1168KB)
  92. TTF Australia (PDF 245KB)
  93. Planning Institute Australia (PDF 297KB)
  94. Smart, Mr Ian (PDF 241KB)
  95. Manly Council (PDF 465KB)
  96. Stevenson, Mr Garry (PDF 388KB)
  97. Mason, Dr Chloe (PDF 314KB)
  98. Kuiper, Dr Gabrielle (PDF 296KB)
  99. Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF 982KB)
  100. Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 362KB)
  101. Harris, Graham; Lenzen, Manfred and Sanders, Richard (PDF 288KB)
  102. Williamson, Assoc Prof Terry and Beauchamp, Bruce (PDF 587KB)
  103. Save our Suburbs (NSW) (PDF 360KB)
  104. Caloundra City Council (PDF 1420KB)
  105. Hatch Associates (PDF 274KB)
  106. Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (PDF 339KB)
  107. The Association for the Advancement of Sustainable Materials In Construction (PDF 3963KB)
  108. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (PDF 301KB)
  109. Capon, Professor Anthony (PDF 306KB)
  110. CPA Australia and Loftus, Ms Janice (PDF 270KB)
  111. Green Building Council of Australia Limited - Covering letter (PDF 234KB)
    Green Building Council of Australia Limited - Submission (PDF 72KB)
  112. Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (PDF 259KB)
  113. Property Council of Australia - Covering letter (PDF 232KB)

  114. Property Council of Australia - Submission (PDF 650KB)

  115. Szencorp Group (PDF 464KB)
  116. Australian Building Codes Board (PDF 522KB)
  117. The People's Environment Protection Alliance Inc. (PDF 245KB)
  118. Housing Industry Association Ltd (PDF 632KB)
  119. City of Sydney - Covering letter (PDF 44KB)
    City of Sydney - Submission (PDF 951KB)
    City of Sydney - Attachment (PDF 1082KB)
  120. ACT Government - Covering letter (PDF 460KB)
    ACT Government - Submission (PDF 615KB)
  121. Supplementary submission 62
    Sustainable Transport Coalition of WA (PDF 501KB)
  122. Water Corporation (PDF 780KB)
  123. Supplementary submission 31
    Australian Association for Environmental Education (PDF 287KB)
  124. Supplementary submission 25
    EcoSTEPS (PDF 236KB)
  125. Supplementary submission 3
    WaRDS Association (PDF 1189KB)

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