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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

Submissions close 21 September 2012.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 319 submissions in the following list.

  1. S.T (PDF 1,016KB)

  2. D.O'B (PDF 928KB)

  3. U.D (PDF 922KB)

  4. P.F (PDF 1,064KB)

  5. M.P (PDF 1,515KB)

  6. J.M (PDF 946KB)

  7. R.T (PDF 889KB)

  8. K.H (PDF 1,015KB)

  9. P.P (PDF 3,265KB)

  10. A.H (PDF 1,016KB)

  11. R.K (PDF 935KB)

  12. National Tertiary Education Union, Branch (PDF 815KB)

  13. Dr Peter Bowden (PDF 892KB)

  14. A.M (PDF 920KB)

  15. R.T (PDF 1,072KB)

  16. Grantley Resources (PDF 1,226KB)

  17. T.F (PDF 903KB)

  18. P.G (PDF 958KB)

  19. R.T (PDF 897KB)

  20. K.C (PDF 191KB)

    20.1 Supplementary Submission K.C (PDF 1,054KB)

  21. L.P (PDF 1,257KB)

    21.1 Supplementary Submission L.P (PDF 470KB)

  22. L.D (PDF 919KB)

  23. Queensland Nurses’ Union (PDF 1,179KB)

  24. C.H (PDF 877KB)

  25. M.A. (PDF 1,063KB)

    25.1 Supplementary Submission M.A (PDF 993KB)

    25.2 Supplementary Submission M.A (PDF 992KB)

  26. Monash University - Centre for Regulatory Studies (PDF 1,036KB)

  27. K.D (PDF 1,742KB)

  28. Assoc Prof Maryam Omari and David Blades (PDF 942KB)

  29. S.T (PDF 899KB)

    29.1 Supplementary Submission S.T (PDF 1,489KB)

  30. Confidential

  31. R.H (PDF 478KB)

  32. I.C (PDF 605KB)

  33. P.S (PDF 489KB)

    33.1 Supplementary Submission P.S (PDF 907KB)

  34. P.C (PDF 987KB)

  35. David Lander (PDF 961KB)

  36. J.C (PDF 511KB)

  37. J.R (PDF 741KB)

  38. Master Electricians Australia (PDF 4,926KB)

  39. S.C (PDF 795KB)

  40. Confidential

  41. The Boss Whispering Institute (PDF 6,078KB)

  42. D.P (PDF 1,000KB)

  43. Confidential

  44. C.V (PDF 960KB)

  45. G.B (PDF 1,084KB)

  46. Worklogic Pty Ltd (PDF 992KB)

  47. H.S (PDF 882KB)

  48. Dr Penny Webster (PDF 1,466KB)

  49. Confidential
  50. Confidential

  51. D.O (PDF 1,930KB)

  52. Law Institute of Victoria (PDF 1,183KB)

  53. S.S (PDF 1,720KB)

  54. J.M (PDF 668KB)

  55. J.K (PDF 1,186KB)

  56. Headspace (PDF 2,524KB)

  57. Challenge Bullying (PDF 933KB)

  58. Evelyn Field (PDF 331KB)

  59. Australian Industry Group (PDF 2,151KB)

  60. Australian Federation of Employers and Industries (PDF 3,510KB)

  61. Unions NSW (PDF 1,478KB)

  62. Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 1,242KB)

  63. Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) (PDF 1,401KB)

  64. National Teritiary Education Union (PDF 1,023KB)

  65. Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (PDF 543KB)

  66. Name Withheld (PDF 1,117KB)

  67. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (PDF 2,556KB)

  68. Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) (PDF 2,303KB)

  69. Australian Services Union SA+NT Branch (ASU) (PDF 621KB)

  70. Independent Education Union of Australia (PDF 977KB)

  71. Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) (PDF 511KB)

  72. Australian Services Union (PDF 959KB)

  73. Queensland Law Society (PDF 1,156KB)

  74. Safe Work Australia (PDF 1,421KB)

    74.1 Supplementary Submission Safe Work Australia (PDF 4,140KB)

  75. Australian Hotels Association (PDF 1,494KB)

  76. R.L (PDF 1,220KB)

  77. Australian Education Union (PDF 960KB)

  78. John F Morrissey & Co Lawyers (PDF KB)

  79. Office of the Employee Ombudsman (PDF 2,319KB)

  80. Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (PDF 1,388KB)

  81. Dr Carlo Caponecchia (PDF 4,770KB)

    81.1 Supplementary Dr Carlo Caponecchia (PDF 2,040KB)

  82. Safe Work SA (PDF 2,033KB)

  83. Construction FOrestry Mining and Energy Union (PDF 1,209KB)

  84. Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) (PDF 1,421KB)

  85. Australian Nursing Federation (PDF 1,085KB)

  86. National Network of Working Women’s Centres (PDF 989KB)

  87. Dr Donna-Louise McGrath (PDF 900KB)

  88. Harmers Workplace Lawyers (PDF 1,033KB)

  89. Dr Branch, Dr Murray and Dr Ramsey (PDF 1,066KB)

  90. G.B (PDF 503KB)

  91. D.M (PDF 1,297KB)

  92. J.C (PDF 906KB)

  93. D.B (PDF 1,601KB)

  94. H.M (PDF 946KB)

  95. S.J (PDF 884KB)

  96. Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists & Managers, Australia (PDF 1,199KB)

  97. Defence Force Ombudsman (PDF 1,368KB)

  98. WISE Workplace Investigations (PDF 1,368KB)

  99. Munich Holdings of Australasia Pty Ltd (PDF 898KB)

  100. Workplace COnflict Resolution (PDF 566KB)

  101. South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission (PDF 2,902KB)

  102. National Tertiary Education Union (PDF 1,196KB)

  103. Job Watch Inc (PDF 1,877KB)

  104. Justitia Lawyers & Consultants (PDF 956KB)

  105. Master Builders Australia Ltd (PDF 1,041KB)

  106. Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers (PDF 1,175KB)

  107. Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 1,180KB)

  108. People and Culture Strategies (PDF 1,140KB)

  109. Australia Institute of Employment Rights (PDF 1,168KB)

  110. Confidential

  111. D.W (PDF 589KB)

  112. L.C (PDF 596KB)

  113. D.G (PDF 554KB)

  114. H.L (PDF 975KB)

  115. Master Grocers Australia (PDF 1,120KB)

  116. A.S (PDF 1,354KB)

  117. Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) (PDF 1,780KB)

  118. The United Mineworkers' Federation of Australia (Northern District Branch) (PDF 2,086KB)

  119. Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees' Association (PDF 1,442KB)

  120. Comcare (PDF 1,488KB)

  121. Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) (PDF 1,231KB)

  122. Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) (PDF 7,736KB)

    122.1 Supplementary Submission Australian Public Service Commission (ASPC) (PDF 1,014KB)

    122.2 Supplementary Submission Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) (PDF 971KB)

  123. The Law Society of NSW (PDF 4,906KB)

    123.1 Supplementary Submission The Law Society of NSW (PDF 3,325KB)

  124. Australian Mines & Metals Association (AMMA) (PDF 1,204KB)

  125. The Alannah and Madeline Foundation (PDF 419KB)

  126. Keryl Egan & Assocates Pty Ltd (PDF 990KB)

  127. Young Workers' Legal Service (PDF 1,125KB)

  128. Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 2,462KB)

  129. J.M (PDF 522KB)

  130. Law Society of Western Australia (PDF 956KB)

    Attachment A
    Towards Dignity & Respect at Work (PDF 2,326KB)

  131. B.K (PDF 1,042KB)

  132. C.M (PDF 624KB)

  133. Dr David Moore (PDF 1,534KB)

  134. Workers Health Centre (PDF 3,923KB)

  135. Confidential

  136. Bradley John Beasley (PDF 1,109KB)

  137. B.C (PDF 1,536KB)

    137.1 Supplementary Submission B.C (PDF 956KB)

    137.2 Supplementary Submission B.C (PDF 964KB)

  138. D.A (PDF 766KB)

  139. Victorian Trades Hall Council (PDF 1,144KB)

  140. M.S (PDF 794KB)

    140.1 Supplementary Submission M.S (PDF 472KB)

  141. K.C (PDF 623KB)

  142. D.H (PDF 560KB)

    142.1 Supplementary Confidential Submission

  143. SA Unions (PDF 675KB)

  144. D.H (PDF 503KB)

  145. C.P (PDF 730KB)

  146. D.T (PDF 645KB)

  147. D.H (PDF 518KB)

  148. J.C (PDF 789KB)

  149. M.L (PDF 528KB)

  150. J.S (PDF 1,125KB)

    150.1 Supplementary Confidential Submission

  151. H.E (PDF 565KB)

  152. W.M (PDF 709KB)

  153. John K McGlone and Rosemary Greave (PDF 997KB)

  154. L.W (PDF 1,188KB)

  155. M.L (PDF 724KB)

  156. Dr Harvey Stern (PDF 905KB)

  157. K.L

  158. J.J (PDF 787KB)

  159. K.S (PDF 1,035KB)

  160. J.R (PDF 1,212KB)

  161. W.R (PDF 1,645KB)

  162. J.M (PDF 882KB)

  163. G.O (PDF 982KB)

    163.1 Supplementary Submission G.O (PDF KB)

  164. V.B (PDF 885KB)

  165. Finance Sector Union Australia (PDF 1,532KB)

  166. E.R (PDF K1,062B)

  167. Whistleblowers Action Group Queensland (PDF 1,514KB)

  168. S.H (PDF 1,100KB)

  169. Victims (PDF 1,044KB)

    169.1 Supplementary Confidential Submission

  170. T.K (PDF 150KB)

  171. P.O (PDF 1,248KB)

  172. R.G (PDF 884KB)

  173. L.O (PDF 952KB)

  174. R.M (PDF 174KB)

  175. J.N (PDF 917KB)

    175.1 Supplementary Submission J.N (PDF 1,092KB)

  176. R.H (PDF 1,014KB)

  177. M.C (PDF 1,228KB)

  178. S.D (PDF 2,779KB)

  179. J.M (PDF 924KB)

  180. Confidential

  181. National Whistleblowing Information Centre (PDF 1,377KB)

  182. Centre for Applied Psychological Research - Universoty of South Australia (PDF 1,483KB)

  183. Dr Moira Jenkins (PDF 1,329KB)

  184. S.B (PDF 889KB)

  185. Diversity Council Australia (PDF 2,147KB)

  186. Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (PDF 1,077KB)

  187. M.A (PDF 651KB)

  188. Community and Public Sector Union - State Public - Services Federation Group (PDF 927KB)

  189. K.B (PDF 590KB)

  190. IRIQ Pty Ltd (PDF 1,259KB)

  191. ACT Government (PDF 1,327KB)

  192. C.W (PDF 978KB)

    192.1 Supplementary Submission C.W (PDF 824KB)

  193. K.W (PDF 892KB)

  194. Confidential

    194.1 Confidential Supplementary Submission

  195. Confidential

  196. J.L (PDF 953KB)

  197. Professor Valerie Braithwaite (PDF 892KB)

  198. Unions Northern Territory (PDF 1,309KB)

  199. P.G (PDF 1,426KB)

  200. S.H (PDF 930KB)

  201. K.B (PDF 1,110KB)

  202. J.W (PDF 33KB)

  203. B.W (PDF 1,286KB)

  204. M.S (PDF 4,050KB)

  205. Dr Daniel Teghe (PDF 1,150KB)

  206. WorkSafe Western Australia (PDF 939KB)

  207. K.H (PDF 963KB)

  208. Confidential

  209. Youth Affairs Council of SA (PDF 1,253KB)

  210. Moira Jenkins and Karl Luke (PDF 2,176KB)

  211. Sally Jetson & Associates Pty Ltd (PDF 1,129KB)

  212. Confidential

  213. Confidential

    213.1 Confidential Supplementary Submission

  214. Confidential

  215. The Law Society of Western Australia (PDF 1,165KB)

  216. Government of South Australia (PDF 1,917KB)

  217. D.M (PDF 966KB)

  218. S.T (PDF 917KB)

  219. S.E (PDF 1,115KB)

  220. A.T (PDF 979KB)

  221. T.SB (PDF 886KB)

  222. Confidential

  223. Confidential

  224. Confidential

  225. Confidential

  226. Confidential

  227. S.C (PDF 905KB)

    227.1 Confidential Supplementary Submission

  228. Confidential

  229. Confidential

  230. Confidential

  231. Confidential

  232. L.F (PDF 987KB)

  233. M.R (PDF 479KB)

  234. P.M (PDF 1,717KB)

    234.1 Supplementary Submission P.M (PDF 1,166KB)

  235. N.M (PDF 1,115KB)

  236. N.T (PDF 1,107KB)

  237. Confidential

    237.1 Confidential Supplementary Submission

  238. Confidential

  239. Unions Western Australia (PDF 188KB)

  240. Confidential

  241. G.M (PDF 1,448KB)

  242. Confidential

  243. Confidential

  244. Confidential

  245. Confidential

  246. Confidential

  247. Confidential

  248. Confidential

  249. Confidential

  250. Confidential

  251. K.J (PDF 1,102KB)

  252. APS Dignity (PDF 1,424KB)

  253. S.F (PDF 1,137KB)

  254. S.B (PDF 899KB)

  255. T.C (PDF 939KB)

  256. Confidential

  257. P.R (PDF 2,846KB)

  258. Equal Opportunity Commission of Western Australia (PDF 1,985KB)

  259. R.S (PDF 968KB)

  260. Confidential

  261. S.A (PDF 1,032KB)

  262. D.O (PDF 1,221KB)

  263. M.M (PDF 1,290KB)

  264. K.W (PDF 1,236KB)

  265. Confidential

  266. Dr Helen Farrell (PDF 619KB)

  267. L.H (PDF 932KB)

  268. D.C (PDF 1,269KB)

    268.1 Supplementary Submission D.C (PDF 614KB)

  269. ELC Employment Law Centre of Western Australia (Inc) (PDF 933KB)

  270. Confidential

  271. M.M (PDF 1,110KB)

  272. D.H (PDF 962KB)

  273. J.F (PDF 915KB)

  274. E.R (PDF 1,013KB)

  275. Name Withheld (PDF 1,044KB)

  276. G.K (PDF 962KB)

  277. R.T (PDF 1,116KB)

  278. Fair Work Ombudsman (PDF 952KB)

  279. A.J (PDF 1,127KB)

  280. M.M (PDF 1,038KB)

  281. G.F (PDF 1,064KB)

  282. P.K (PDF 471KB)

  283. T.H (PDF 1,107KB)

  284. C.C (PDF 937KB)

  285. S.P (PDF 1,277KB)

  286. Dr Simon Burgess and Dale Trott (PDF 1,242KB)

  287. T.C (PDF 1,057KB)

  288. M.K (PDF 1,163KB)

  289. P.C (PDF 1,068KB)

  290. C.R (PDF 1,236KB)

  291. D.E (PDF 1,029KB)

  292. Confidential

  293. Confidential

  294. Confidential

  295. Confidential

  296. Confidential

  297. Confidential

  298. Confidential

  299. Confidential

    299.1 Confidential Supplementary Submission

  300. Confidential

  301. Confidential

  302. Confidential

  303. Confidential

  304. The Employment Centre Law Centre of WA (PDF 1,030KB)

  305. A.W (PDF 936KB)

  306. K.L (PDF 482KB)

  307. K.W (PDF KB)

  308. Confidential

  309. Confidential

  310. Confidential

  311. Confidential

  312. Confidential

  313. Confidential

  314. Confidential

  315. Confidential

  316. C.T (PDF 1,098KB)

  317. S.R (PDF 888KB)

    317.1 Confidential Supplementary Submission

  318. R.H (PDF 1,043KB)

  319. Confidential

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