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Managing Australia's biodiversity in a changing climate: the way forward

17 June 2013

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013
ISBN 978-1-74366-050-8 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-1-74366-051-5 (HTML version)

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Preliminary Pages (PDF 128KB)

Membership of the Committee
Committee Secretariat
Terms of reference
List of abbreviations
List of recommendations

Chapter 1 Introduction to biodiversity and the inquiry (PDF 169KB)

Conduct of the inquiry
Structure of this report
The state of Australia’s biodiversity
Biodiversity hotspots
Threats to biodiversity
Biodiversity losses
Impacts of climate change
Impacts on marine and freshwater biodiversity
Variable impacts of climate change nationally

Chapter 2 Biodiversity, human communities and the economy (PDF 222KB)

What is the relevance of biodiversity to us?
Ecosystem services
Climate change impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services
Incorporating ecosystem services into decision making
Measuring the economic value of biodiversity
Committee conclusions on environmental accounting and information
Community engagement through education programs and citizen science initiatives
Biodiversity education programs
Citizen science initiatives
Conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 4 Sustainable use of natural resources (PDF 135KB)

Policy approach
Adaptive management and coordinated planning
Innovative governance
Sustainable populations
Practice approach

Chapter 4 Connectivity conservation (PDF 182KB)

The National Reserve System
Benefits of connectivity conservation
Refugia in a changing climate
Community engagement
Challenges for connectivity conservation
Costs of managing private land for conservation purposes
Land use considerations
Planning, management, research and monitoring
Conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 5 Climate change adaptation strategies (PDF 303KB)

New approaches to biodiversity conservation
Climate change mitigation strategies
Increasing resilience in ecosystems and human communities
Adaptive management approaches
New approaches require new resources
Multi-disciplinary approaches to biodiversity conservation in a changing climate
Conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 6 Natural resource management (PDF 158KB)

Regional delivery model
Benefits of NRM delivery at local and regional levels
Is the system working?
Integration between levels of governance
Regional program delivery
Conclusions and recommendations
Research and development

Chapter 7 Governance issues (PDF 216KB)

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
Evolution of proposed changes to the EPBC Act
Governance of species and communities
Threatened species and translocation
Biosecurity considerations
International obligations
International cooperation on migratory birds
International cooperation on research
Cross-border management
Integrated forest management
Conclusions and recommendations
Governance of species
Cross-border management
Integrated forest management

Minority Report – Nola Marino MHR – Member for Forrest (PDF 43KB)
Appendix A: List of submissions (PDF 44KB)
Appendix B: List of exhibits (PDF 55KB)
Appendix C: List of site inspections and public hearings (PDF 83KB)

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