Supplementary Budget Estimates 2002-03

Supplementary Budget Estimates 2002-03

Finance and Administration Portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (QoN) (PDF 323KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice

[QoN] [Topic] (PDF format) (Word format)
F1-3 Special accounts (PDF 133KB)
F4-6 & 28 Consolidated Revenue Fund (PDF 186KB)
F7 Reconciliation in the Budget Papers (PDF 87KB)
F8 Auditing the Final Budget Outcome (PDF 73KB)
F9 Cessation of audit (PDF 64KB)
F10 Documentation as a result of the Charter of Budget Honesty (PDF 129KB)
F11-12 Total number of special accounts (PDF 63KB)
F13 Special accounts created in 2002 (PDF 64KB)
F14 Special accounts (PDF 128KB)
F15 Special accounts (PDF 1377KB)
F16 Special accounts (PDF 65KB)
F17 Special accounts (PDF 67KB)
F18 & 29 Special accounts (PDF 101KB)
F19 Ethanol subsidy (PDF 65KB)
F20 Ethanol subsidy - payment mechanism (PDF 66KB)
F21 Payments relating to employee entitlements (PDF 64KB)
F22 Former Ansett employee's entitlements (PDF 80KB)
F23 New Ballarat child care centre (PDF 65KB)
F24-26 Special accounts (PDF 113KB)
F27 National Heritage Trust (PDF 66KB)
F30-31 Rephasings (PDF 448KB)
F32 Money appropriated for depreciation (PDF 88KB)
F33 Depreciation (PDF 81KB)
F34 Capital use charge (PDF 86KB)
F36 Superannuation (PDF 69KB)
F37 Investment managers (PDF 68KB)
F38 Investment managers (PDF 243KB)
F39 Investment returns (PDF 75KB)
F40 Cost of purchasing international bonds (PDF 69KB)
F41 Superannuation payments for contractors and consultants (PDF 80KB)
F42 Superannuation (PDF 64KB)
F43 Superannuation (PDF 64KB)
F44 Health Group IT Outsourcing (PDF 67KB)
F45 Health Group IT Outsourcing (PDF 64KB)
F46 Health Group IT Outsourcing (PDF 122KB)
F47 Health Group IT Outsourcing (PDF 68KB)
F48 Health Group IT Outsourcing (PDF 282KB)
F49 Health Group IT Outsourcing (PDF 67KB)
F50 Health Group IT Outsourcing (PDF 81KB)
F51 Health Group IT Outsourcing (PDF 66KB)
F52 MOP(S) staff consultants (PDF 69KB)
F53-54 MOP(S) staff salaries (PDF 66KB)
F55-56 MOP(S) staff salaries (PDF 72KB)
F57 Mobile phones (PDF 81KB)
F58 Parliamentary questions on notice regarding mobile phones (PDF 68KB)
F59-60 Transfer of questions on notice regarding mobile phones (PDF 69KB)
F61 Senators and members travel (PDF 67KB)
F62 Electorate staff travel budget (PDF 70KB)
F63 Parliamentary questions on notice regarding mobile phones (PDF 68KB)
F64 MOP(S) staff classifications (PDF 66KB)

Additional information and tabled documents

[Topic] (PDF format) (Word format)
The use of charter entitlement by the Hon Warren Entsch MP (PDF 25KB)
Correction of evidence relating to FOI requests (PDF 27KB)
Correction of evidence relating to senators and members printing entitlements (PDF 36KB)
Additional information - Superannuation Bulletin (PDF 127KB)
Tabled document - MOPS staff list (PDF 77KB)
Tabled document - Ministerial staff list (PDF 32KB)

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