Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio

Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio

Index to questions on notice - (PDF 213KB)

Note: The committee set Friday, 26 March 2010 for the return of answers to Questions on Notice.

Answers to Questions on Notice


Department / Agency



Answer to QoN

Date answer received

PM 1 PM&C RONALDSON Governor-General's Program (PDF 7KB) 26/03/2010
PM 2 PM&C RONALDSON Governor-General's Program (PDF 4KB) 26/03/2010
PM 3 PM&C COLLINS Overseas travel by former Governors-General (PDF 6KB) 26/03/2010
PM 4 PM&C (Bob) BROWN Honours System (PDF 5KB) 26/03/2010
PM 5 PM&C (Bob) BROWN Honours System (PDF 4KB) 26/03/2010
PM 6 PM&C (Bob) BROWN Honours System (PDF 5KB) 26/03/2010
PM 7 PM&C (Bob) BROWN Honours System (PDF 6KB) 26/03/2010
PM 8 PM&C RYAN RFT selection panel for AIFS’ Media Relations Services provider    (PDF 5KB) 4/03/2010
PM 9(a) PM&C PAYNE COAG- Cost of 2009 Darwin Meeting (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 9(b) PM&C PAYNE COAG- Cost Breakdown of 2009 Darwin Meeting (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 9(c) PM&C PAYNE COAG - Commonwealth Contribution to Costs of Queensland Meeting


PM 9(d-e) PM&C PAYNE COAG - Attendance and Roles of PMO Staff at Meetings (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 9(f) PM&C PAYNE COAG: Staff from the Treasurer's Office Present at Meetings and their Roles (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 10 PM&C PAYNE COAG: Comparing 2009 and 2008 Meeting Costs (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 11 PM&C PAYNE COAG: CRC Recruitment Requirements (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 12 PM&C PAYNE COAG: CRC Recruitment Costs (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 13 PM&C PAYNE COAG: CRC Recruitment Outcomes (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 14 PM&C PAYNE COAG: CRC Recruitment- Input from States (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 15 PM&C PAYNE COAG: Review of Decisions Since 2007 (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 16 PM&C PAYNE COAG: Review of Decisions- Problems Identified (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 17 PM&C PAYNE COAG: Indigenous NPA Funding Distribution (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 18 PM&C PAYNE COAG: Indigenous NPA- FaHCSIA Updates (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 19 PM&C PAYNE COAG: All NPA's - FaHCSIA Updates from Line Agencies (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM20(a) PM&C PAYNE Renewable Energy Target (RET) Review- Public Release of the Report (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 20(b) PM&C PAYNE RET Review- Terms of Reference (PDF 10KB) 30/04/2010
PM 21 PM&C RYAN Community Cabinet- List of Duty Senators (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 22 PM&C COLLINS Community Cabinet- Opposition Duty Senators' Attendance (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 23(a-b) PM&C RYAN Community Cabinet- PM's Attendance (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 24 PM&C COLLINS Community Cabinet- Satisfaction Rates (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 25 PM&C FERGUSON Cabinet Meetings- Cost Comparison (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 26 PM&C FERGUSON Community Cabinet- Hobart and Bathurst Costs (PDF 8KB) 30/04/2010
PM 27 (a-b) PM&C RYAN Community Cabinet- Staff and PM Meetings (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 27 (c) PM&C RYAN Community Cabinet- Meetings with Ministers (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 27(d) PM&C RYAN Community Cabinet- Organisation Meetings with Ministers (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 28(a-d) PM&C RYAN Public Opinion Research- Use and Availability to Ministers (PDF 15KB) 30/04/2010
PM 29 PM&C FERGUSON Community Cabinet- Attendance List
plus attachment
(PDF 32KB)
PM 30 PM&C KROGER Community Cabinet- Attendance List Access by Ministers (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM31 PM&C RYAN Community Cabinet- Attendance List Contact Details (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 32(a-b) PM&C ABETZ Media Monitors- Removed Articles (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 33 PM&C ABETZ Ministry- Replacement Parl Sec for pacific Island Affairs (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 34(a-b) PM&C ABETZ OWF- Input to Fair Work Australia (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 35 PM&C RONALDSON Copenhagen- PM&C Costs (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 36 PM&C CAMERON Copenhagen- Attendance List Level of Detail (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 37 PM&C CAMERON Previous PM Travel- Rome Trip (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 38 PM&C CAMERON Previous PM Travel- Rome Trip Late Checkout (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 39 PM&C CAMERON Ministerial Travel- Spouses (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 40 PM&C FERGUSON Copenhagen- Cost and FOI Request (PDF 9KB) 30/04/2010
PM 41(a) PM&C FORSHAW Royal Carriage-Current Status (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM41(b-d) PM&C FORSHAW Royal Carriage-Transport Cost (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 42 PM&C HANSON_YOUNG People Smuggling- Merak Vessel and Advice to PMO PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 43 PM&C HANSON_YOUNG People Smuggling- PM Engagement (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 44 PM&C RONALDSON Copenhagen- Delays with QoNs of 15 and 21 December (PDF 7KB) 30/04/2010
PM 45(a-c) PM&C RONALDSON Speechwriters (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 46(a-b) PM&C RONALDSON Damage and Staff at Kirribilli House and The Lodge (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 47(a-c) PM&C XENOPHON COAGs Reform Council (PDF 8KB) 30/04/2010
PM 48(a-e) PM&C PAYNE COAGs Meetings Costs (PDF 18KB) 30/04/2010
PM 49(a-e) PM&C PAYNE Costs of Expansion of COAG Reform Council (PDF 10KB) 30/04/2010
PM 50 PM&C PAYNE Review of COAG Since 2007 (PDF 10KB) 30/04/2010
PM 51(a-b) PM&C PAYNE National Partnership Agreement to Deliver a Seamless National Economy (PDF 10KB) 30/04/2010
PM 52(a-d) PM&C PAYNE Dr Allan Hawke Review of Ministerial Councils (PDF 10KB) 30/04/2010
PM 53(a-c) PM&C PAYNE Referendum Questions regarding State and Federal Relations (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 54(a-b) PM&C PAYNE Costing of the New Child Care Regulations Announced at COAG (PDF 7KB) 30/04/2010
PM 55(a-b) PM&C PAYNE Progress of Smart Meters (PDF 8KB) 30/04/2010
PM 56(a-c) PM&C PAYNE Progress of National Health Reforms (PDF 7KB) 30/04/2010
PM 57(a-b) PM&C PAYNE Renewable Energy Target (RET) Review by COAG sub group (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 58(a-b) PM&C PAYNE Transport Regulations - A Truly National Transport System (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 61 (a-d) PM&C BARNETT Staffing (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 62(a-d) PM&C BARNETT Staffing - Efficiency Dividend/Budget Cuts (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 63(a-b) PM&C BARNETT Government Advertising (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 64(a-d) PM&C BARNETT Hospitality
plus attachment
(PDF 15KB)
(PDF 32KB)
PM 65(a-b) PM&C BARNETT Grants (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 66 PM&C RYAN Discretionary Grants (PDF 38KB) 30/04/2010
PM 67(a-d) PM&C BARNETT Freedom of Information (PDF 7KB) 30/04/2010
PM 68(a-d) PM&C BARNETT Community Cabinets (PDF 10KB) 30/04/2010
PM 69(a-g) PM&C BARNETT Reviews
plus attachment
(PDF 64KB)
PM 70(a-b) PM&C BARNETT Consultancies (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 72(a-g) PM&C RYAN Staffing levels (PDF 20KB) 30/04/2010
PM 73(a-b) PM&C RYAN Consultancies (PDF 8KB) 30/04/2010
PM 74(a-e) PM&C RYAN Electorate Data (PDF 7KB) 30/04/2010
PM 75(a-c) PM&C RYAN Reports
plus attachment

(PDF 64KB)

PM 76(a-b) PM&C RYAN Election Commitments (PDF 7KB) 30/04/2010
PM 77(a-c) PM&C RYAN Advertising and Marketing (PDF 8KB) 30/04/2010
PM 78(a-d) PM&C RYAN Financial Regulations (PDF 85KB) 30/04/2010
PM 79(a-d) PM&C RYAN Savings (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 80(a-e) PM&C RYAN Signing of Official Documents
plus attachment
PM 81(a-h) PM&C RYAN Staff De-Stressing Classes (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 82(a-c) PM&C RYAN Referendum Questions (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 83(a-g) PM&C RYAN Copenhagen Trip (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 84(a-b) PM&C RYAN Ministerial Pressure on APS Staff (PDF 5KB) 30/04/2010
PM 85(a-f) PM&C RYAN Breaches of APS Code of Conduct (PDF 7KB) 30/04/2010
PM 86(a-c) PM&C RYAN Code of Conduct for Ministerial Staff (PDF 4KB) 30/04/2010
PM 87(a-c) PM&C RYAN Consultants (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 88 PM&C SCULLION NAA - Closure of Offices (PDF 7KB) 18/03/2010
PM 89 PM&C (Bob) BROWN NAA - Closure of Offices (PDF 6KB) 18/03/2010
PM 90 PM&C XENOPHON NAA - Closure of Offices (PDF 5KB) 18/03/2010
PM 91 PM&C XENOPHON NAA - Closure of Offices (PDF 5KB) 18/03/2010
PM 92 PM&C FIFIELD Disability (PDF 61KB) 31/03/2010
PM 93 PM&C FIFIELD Disability (PDF 56KB) 31/03/2010
PM 94 PM&C FIFIELD Australian Disability Enterprises (PDF 53KB) 31/03/2010
PM 95(a) PM&C RYAN Christmas/ New Year Functions (PDF 7KB) 26/03/2010
PM 95(b-g) PM&C RYAN Function at Admiralty House (PDF 6KB) 30/04/2010
PM 96(a-e) PM&C RYAN Christmas/ New Year Functions (PDF 7KB) 26/03/2010
PM 97(a-e) PM&C RYAN Naming of the Pacific Jewel (PDF 4KB) 26/03/2010
PM 98(a-b) PM&C RYAN Wine Cellar (PDF 16KB) 26/03/2010
PM 99(a-d) PM&C RYAN Travel Entitlements (PDF 4KB) 26/03/2010
PM 100(a-b) PM&C RYAN Official Functions (PDF 9KB) 26/03/2010
PM 101(a-b) PM&C RYAN Official Functions (PDF 7KB) 26/03/2010
PM 102 PM&C XENOPHON GroceryChoice website (PDF 57KB) 26/03/2010
PM 103 PM&C RONALDSON Africa trip miscellaneous expenditure (PDF 4KB) 26/03/2010


Additional information and tabled documents

OOSGG - Details of 2009-2010 works under the Vice Regal Heritage Property Master Plan. (PDF 46KB) 8/02/10
Breakdown of Coats for Hobart and Bathurst Community Cabinet Meetings - Tabled by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PDF 193KB) 08/02/10

Corrections to and clarification of evidence

PM&C FOI Requests from Nine Network regarding costs of UN Climate Change conference (PDF 63KB) 22/02/2010
PM&C No. of officers from PM&C in attendance at the UN Climate Change conference (PDF 90KB) 09/02/2010
PM&C Community Cabinet meeting attendance (PDF 129KB) 10/02/2010

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