Budget estimates 2008-09

Budget estimates 2008-09

24 June 2008

© Commonwealth of Australia 2008
ISBN 978-0-642-71923-2

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Questions on notice
Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio
  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

     Budget Portfolio Statement
     Portfolio overview
     Output 1.1
        1.1.1-North Asia
        1.1.2-South East Asia
        1.1.5-South and West Asia, the Middle East and Africa
        1.1.7-Bilateral, regional and multi-lateral trade negotiations
        1.1.9-International organisations, legal and environment
        1.1.10-Security, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
     1.2-Secure government communications and security of overseas missions
     1.3-Services to other agencies in Australia and overseas
     1.4-Services to diplomatic and consular representatives in Australia
     2.1-Consular and passport services
     3.1-Public information services and public diplomacy

Defence portfolio
  Department of Defence

     Portfolio Budget Statement
     Changes to outcome and output structure
     Chief of the Defence Force opening statement
     Secretary’s opening statement
     Portfolio overview and budget summary
     Output group 1.1 Office of the Secretary and Chief of the Defence Force
     Output group 1.12 Chief Financial Officer
     Output group 1.14 Superannuation and housing support services for current
and retired Defence personnel and other administered items
     Output group 2.1 Operations contributing to the security of the immediate
neighbourhood and Output group 2.2 Operations supporting wider interests
     Output group 3.1 Defence contribution to support tasks in Australia
     Capability development: Output group 1.11 Capability development
  Defence Materiel Organisation
     Capital facilities and Defence support
     Output group 1.6 Defence support
     People: Output group 1.13 People strategies and policy
     Remaining Defence outputs
        Output group 1.2 Navy capabilities
        Output group 1.4 Air Force capabilities
        Output group 1.7 Defence science and technology
  Department of Veterans' Affairs
     Portfolio overview/Corporate and general matters
     Outcome 1-Income support and compensation
     Outcome 2-Health
     Outcome 3-Commemorations
     Outcome 4-Advice and information
     Outcome 5-Joint DVA/Defence support services
     Output group 6
  Australian War Memorial

Additional comments from Coalition Senators (PDF 316KB)
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Index to proof transcripts (PDF 136KB)

Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio
  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)
  Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)
Defence portfolio
  Department of Defence
  Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Appendix 1-Defence organisation outcome structure (PDF 136KB)

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