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Questions on Notice

In the 44th Parliament, the committee set 10 May 2016 as the date by which answers to questions on notice from the Budget Estimates 2016-17 hearing were to be returned. Following the dissolution of both Houses of Parliament with effect from 9.00am on 9 May 2016 for the federal election, unanswered questions on notice lapsed.

 Following the opening of the 45th Parliament, on 31 August 2016, the Senate agreed that answers be provided by 14 September 2016 to all legislation committees relating to all questions taken on notice by the committees’ predecessor committees with respect to the 2015-16 additional estimates and the 2016-17 budget estimates, and which remained unanswered at the beginning of the new Parliament.

Index to questions on notice (PDF 131 KB)


Answers to Questions on Notice

No. Page of Official Hansard Senator Subject View Date
SQ16-000767 6 Cameron Timing of unfilled SES positions PDF (45KB) 13/9/16
SQ16-000768 7 Cameron Number of redundancies PDF (46KB) 13/9/16
SQ16-000769 8 Cameron Circumstances and costs of redundancies PDF (45KB) 13/9/16
SQ16-000770 11 Cameron Marketing strategy for jobactive PDF (44KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000771 18 Siewert Percentage of unemployed young people who have not worked before PDF (45KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000772 15 Siewert Number of people who have left wage subsidy programmes PDF (46KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000773 34 Cameron State workers compensation arrangements for volunteers PDF (56KB) 13/9/16
SQ16-000774 43 Siewert Ireland's internship programme and wage subisdies PDF (44KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000775 44 Johnston Ireland's internship programme evaluation PDF (45KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000776 47 Cameron Monitoring of job seekers in Youth Jobs PaTH PDF (46KB) 13/9/16
SQ16-000777 48 Cameron Ireland's internship programme outcomes PDF (43KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000778 48 Cameron Consultation between Department of Employment and Ireland's equivalent Department PDF (57KB)
Attachment 1 (PDF 7698KB)
Attachment 2 (PDF 3026KB)
Attachment 3 (PDF 415KB)
Attachment 4 (PDF 864KB)
SQ16-000779 49 Cameron Consultation between Department of Employment and the UK's equivalent Department PDF (44KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000780 49 Cameron Employment outcomes from Ireland's internship programme PDF (47KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000781 56 Cameron Advice to Minister regarding job commitment bonus (PDF43KB) 14/9/14
SQ16-000782 58 and 63 Cameron Details of Work for the Dole incident PDF (45KB)
Attachment 1 (232KB)
SQ16-000783 59 Cameron WHS training at Work for the Dole site PDF (45KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000784 63 Cameron Date of Work for the Dole inquiry PDF (42KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000785 65 Cameron Details of changes to NEIS funding (PDF 44KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000786 65 Cameron Measures of sustainability of NEIS businesses PDF (43KB) 13/9/16
SQ16-000787 67 Cameron Employment status of Work for the Dole participants PDF (52KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000788 68 Cameron Length of employment following Work for the Dole participation PDF (46KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000789 71 Cameron Copy of correspondence PDF (43KB)
Attachment 1 (PDF 36KB)
SQ16-000790 77 Cameron Percentage wage subsidy pool expended PDF (45KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000791 81 Cameron Refusal of wage subsidy applications PDF (44KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000792 82 Cameron Methodology used for decision to increase wage subsidy PDF (46KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000793 88 Cameron Correspondence from the Member for Herbert PDF (43KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000794 90 Reynolds Queensland Nickel - special purpose liquidators PDF (53KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000795 91 Lines Queensland Nickel's records PDF (43KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000796 99 Williams RSRT - subpoena of witnesses PDF (57KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000797 100 Williams RSRT - information given to witnesses PDF (62KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000798 101 Williams RSRT - Options given for witnesses to attend hearing PDF (69KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000799 103 Williams RSRT - Rights of witnesses giving evidence PDF (60KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000800 103 Williams RSRT - Video conferencing arrangements at hearing PDF (47KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000801 103 Williams RSRT - Procedural fairness PDF (55KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000802 103 Williams RSRT - Number of submissions made PDF (57KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000803 106 Williams RSRT - Representation and background of tribunal members PDF (71KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000804 107 Williams RSRT - Contracted services PDF (67KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000805 109 McKenzie Union restrictions on legal representation PDF (53KB)
Corrected response (PDF23KB)
SQ16-000806  116 Reynolds Budget PDF (45 KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000807  117 Cameron Review of Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency PDF (72KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000808  122 Cameron Building and construction industry issues (PDF43KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000809  122 Cameron Court matters involving labour hire companies PDF (44KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000810  122 Cameron Young Workers' Team PDF (46KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000811  124 Cameron Discussions with MEAA PDF (45 KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000812  125 Cameron Cost of investigation PDF (43KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000813  126 Cameron Discussions with union regarding investigation PDF (40 KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000814  129 O'Neill Update on 7-Eleven PDF (48KB) 14/9/16

Tabled Documents and Additional Information

Staff profile changes, tabled on 6 May 2016 by Ms Margaret Kidd, Group Manager, People and Communication, Department of Employment (PDF1345KB)
LinkedIn Profiles, tabled on 6 may 2016 by Senator Reynolds (PDF8611KB)
Taskforce Review of NEATO's Management of Work for the Dole Terms of Reference and Ernst and Young Review of NEATO's Work for Dole Activities, tabled on 6 May 2016 by Ms Renée Leon PSM, Secretary, Department of Employment (PDF1215KB)


Letters of correction

Letter from Mr Peter Tighe, CEO, Asbestos Eradication and Safety Agency, correcting evidence given on 6 May 2016 (PDF 18 KB)
Letter from Ms Louise Clarke, Director Client Services, Fair Work Commission, correcting responses to EMSQ16-000218 and EMSQ16-000219 (PDF243KB)
Letter from Ms Bernadette O'Neill, General Manager, Fair Work Commission, correcting response to EMSQ16-000805 (PDF61KB)

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