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Questions on Notice

Index to questions on notice (PDF 90 KB)

In the 44th Parliament, the committee set 10 May 2016 as the date by which answers to questions on notice from the Budget Estimates 2016-17 hearing were to be returned. Following the dissolution of both Houses of Parliament with effect from 9.00am on 9 May 2016 for the federal election, unanswered questions on notice lapsed.

 Following the opening of the 45th Parliament, on 31 August 2016, the Senate agreed that answers be provided by 14 September 2016 to all legislation committees relating to all questions taken on notice by the committees’ predecessor committees with respect to the 2015-16 additional estimates and the 2016-17 budget estimates, and which remained unanswered at the beginning of the new Parliament.

Answers to Questions on Notice

No. Senator Hansard Page (Official Hansard) Subject View Date received
SQ16-000757 Lines 138 Communications Campaign PDF (62KB)              14/9/16
SQ16-000758 Lines 139 RFQ Progress PDF (54KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000759 Lines 140 RFQ Progress PDF (52KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000760 Lines 143 RFQ decision PDF (52KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000761 Collins 144 Funding provided to Victorian PDF (65KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000762 Carr 147 HELP Debt PDF (64KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000763 Carr 150 funding for Deakin University's Warrnambool Campus PDF (59KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000764 Carr 151 Announcement of new expenditure during caretaker PDF (56KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000765 Carr 154 Enrolment in Flagships PDF (63KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000766 Carr 157 HEPPP Savings PDF (54KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000767 Carr 159 Investment in Higher Education Research PDF (59KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000768 Carr 162 Cost of partial fee deregulation PDF (54KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000769 Carr 164 HELP Thresholds PDF (58KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000770 Carr 165 HELP Thresholds PDF (80KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000771 Carr 166 HECS Repayments PDF (56KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000772 Carr 171 University of Newcastle proposal for medical school campus at Gosford PDF (60KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000773 Reynolds 174 AIATSIS Staffing PDF (53KB) 14/9/16
SQ16-000774 Lines 185 Quality Support PDF (63KB) 14/9/16


Electorate Summary: Number of families receiving CCB and CCR, March quarter 2015, tabled on 6 May 2016 by Dr Michele Bruniges, Secretary, Department of Education (PDF3267KB)


Letters of correction

Letter from Dr Michele Bruniges, Secretary, Education Department, correcting evidence given on 6 May 2016.


Letter from Mr Tony Cook, Associate Secretary, Education Department, correcting evidence given on 6 May 2016.


Letter from Ms Alex Gordon, Group Manager, Schooling Group, Education Department, correcting evidence given on 6 May 2016.



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