Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

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Senator Hollie Hughes Letter from Josh Wilson MP to fisheries associations regarding Commonwealth marine parks (29 April 2022) 22 May 2023 (PDF 77 KB)
Senator Hollie Hughes Media release from fishing associations regarding restructure of  Macquarie Island Marine Park (23 February 2023) 22 May 2023 (PDF 209 KB)
Senator David Van Herald Sun article 'Households in regional Victoria slugged almost $1000 to switch from gas to all-electric homes' (18 April 2023) 22 May 2023 (PDF 127 KB)
Senator David Van Australian Manufacturing Forum article 'CEFC invests in Chinese solar venture, but why?' (12 November 2020) 22 May 2023 (PDF 127 KB)
Senator Hollie Hughes

Explanatory memorandum for Amendment of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012, pp. 155–157.

22 May 2023 (PDF 216 KB)
Mr Darren Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Renewable Energy Agency Opening statement 22 May 2023 (PDF 215 KB)
Mr Andrew Dyer, Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner Opening statement 23 May 2023 (PDF 181 KB)
Senator Janet Rice Victorian Government media release - Delivering certainty for timber workers (23 May 2023) 23 May 2023 (PDF 256 KB)
Senator Peter Whish-Wilson Letter to Threatened Species Scientific Committee regarding endangered status of Maugean skate (23 July 2018) 23 May 2023 (PDF 133 KB)
Senator Lidia Thorpe BBC article 'Pollution: 'Forever chemicals' in rainwater exceed safe levels' (2 August 2022) 23 May 2023 (PDF 2,096 KB)
Senator Lidia Thorpe Environmental Science and Technology journal article 'Outside the Safe Operating Space of a New Planetary Boundary for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)' (2 August 2022) 23 May 2023 (PDF 1,021 KB)

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Mr Ian Learmonth, Chief Executive Officer, Clean Energy Finance Corporation Letter of correction of evidence 30 June 2023 (PDF 85 KB)
Ms Kerryn Richardson, Acting Head of Ministerial Liaison and Governance Branch, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water Letter of correction of evidence 30 June 2023 (PDF 357 KB)