Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Questions on notice index: (PDF 569KB)

Answers were due Friday 17 April 2015

Answers to Questions on Notice
QoN no. Division/Agency View File Date received
1-4 Corporate (PDF 123KB) 15/05/2015
5-59 Infrastructure Investment Division (PDF 1483KB) 26/05/2015
27/05/2015 (QoN33)
60-91 Infrastructure Australia (PDF 335KB) 15/05/2015
92-94 Australian Rail Track Corporation (PDF 911KB) 22/04/2015
95-96 National Transport Commission (PDF 37KB) 15/05/2015
97-104 Surface Transport Policy Division (PDF 115 KB) 22/05/2015
105-109 Australian Maritime Safety Authority (PDF 93KB) 22/04/2015
110-121 Policy and Research Division (PDF 161KB) 15/05/2015
122 Office of Transport Security (PDF 25KB) 22/04/2015
123 Office of the Inspector of Transport Security (PDF 16KB) 15/05/2015
124-139 Aviation and Airports Division (PDF 9083KB) 22/05/2015
140-160 Airservices Australia (PDF 825KB)
Correction to QoN 156 (PDF 146 KB)
161-166 Australian Transport Safety Bureau (PDF 77KB) 15/05/2015
167-177 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (PDF 183KB) 15/05/2015
178-181 Local Government and Territories (PDF 229KB) 15/05/2015
182-183 Western Sydney Unit (PDF 33KB) 22/04/2015
184-186 National Capital Authority (PDF 39KB) 15/05/2015

Tabled Documents View File
1.) New South Wales Auditor-General's Report- Performance Audit - WestConnex: Assurance to the Government
Tabled by Senator Doug Cameron.
(PDF 1949KB)
2.) Answer from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to Question on Notice No. 148 from Budget Estimates 2014-15. Tabled by Senator Doug Cameron. (PDF 323KB)
3.) Document outlining a list of air carriers of which all operations are subject to a ban within the EU. Tabled by Mr Mike Mrdak, Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. (PDF 2204KB)
4.) Article entitled 'Reforms bid forces tourism firm to sell' from the Cairns Post, 28 January 2015. Tabled by Senator Glenn Sterle. (PDF 206KB)

Additional Information and clarification of evidence

View File

1.) Correspondence received 5 March 2015 from Mr Mark Skidmore AM, Director of Aviation Safety, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, correcting evidence given on 24 February 2015. (PDF 8599KB)
2.) Correspondence received 17 March 2015 from Mr Peter Foley, General Manager, Australian Transport Safety Bureau, correcting evidence given on 24 February 2015. (PDF 61KB)
3.) Correspondence received 7 July 2015 from Ms Margaret Staib, Chief Executive Officer, Airservices Australia, correcting the answer to QoN 156. (PDF 276KB)

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