Defence portfolio

Defence portfolio

Index to answers to questions on notice relating to the Defence portfolio. (PDF 197KB) (Word 106KB)

Department of Defence

Senator Date tabled Letters of clarification/correction of evidence
Bishop 17Aug06 Letter dated 30 June 2006, from Mr Alan Henderson, Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services, clarifying evidence he gave at estimates concerning the Criss mediation.
Faulkner 17Aug06 Letter dated 05 July 2006, from Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, Chief of Army, correcting evidence he gave at estimates about conflict of interest and General Dynamics Systems Australia
Pty Ltd.
Nettle 17Aug06 Letter dated 11 July 2006, from Mr Michael Pezzullo, Deputy Secretary, Strategy, clarifying evidence he gave at estimates regarding the Defence Cooperation Program in East Timor.
Bishop 17Aug06 Letter dated 22 June 2006, from Ms Shireane McKinnie, Head, Electronic and Weapon Systems Division, clarifying evidence she gave at estimates concerning the provision of an annual payment to ADI for the Benalla Facility.
Hogg 17Aug06 Letter dated 04 July 2006, from Rear Admiral T Ruting, Head, Maritime Systems, correcting evidence given at estimates concerning the FFG upgrade.
Bishop 17Aug06 Letter dated 10 July 2006, from Mr Colin Sharp, Head, Land Systems Division, correcting evidence he gave at estimates regarding M113 armoured personnel carriers.
 (PDF 142KB) [Document contains the above six letters.]
  14Sep06 Letter received from Dr Brendan Nelson, MP, Minister for Defence, enclosing an audited summary of the outcomes of the third and fourth formal rounds of DMO's '360 degree scorecard' reporting. (PDF 561KB)
  01Nov06 Letter received from the Minister for Defence, in response to a question from the Committee at Budget estimates. It relates to the private financing cost of the new Defence Headquarters Joint Operations Command facility to be constructed south west of Bungendore, NSW. (PDF 208KB)

Department of Defence answers. (PDF 1926KB)

Defence Housing Organisation

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Attachments to question 15:

Attachment 1: DVA minute from Branch Head, Veterans Compensation, dated June 2005 (PDF 160KB)

Attachment 2: Complaint—papers relating to primary report (PDF 62KB)

 Attachment 3: Complaint—papers relating to primary and secondary report (PDF 269KB)

Attachment 4: Text of DVA inter–office e-mails dated 9 and 10 May 2006. (PDF 14KB)

Attachment to question 46: Report on Le Hamel War Memorial, France for the Office of Australian War Graves. (PDF 1486KB)

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