Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities portfolio

Additional Estimates 2011-2012 - (February 2012)

Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities portfolio

Index of questions on notice

Monday, 13 and Tuesday, 14 February 2012 (PDF 620KB)

Tabled documents

Ms Murray, A/AS, Environment Assessment Branch 3, SEWPaC, copy of Minister's Statement of Reasons for a Decision, cattle grazing in Victoria's high country, 31 January 2012

(PDF 1686KB)

Answers to questions on notice 

Department of the Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities


Answers to general questions that cross all departmental outcomes/programs q229-242  (PDF 261KB)
q243-249 (PDF 108KB)
q250-248 (PDF 952KB)
q259-272 (PDF 276KB)
attachments to q271:
  att A (PDF 1406KB)
  att B (PDF 699KB)
  att C (PDF 615KB)
Outcome 1: The conservation and protection of Australia's terrestrial and marine biodiversity and ecosystems through supporting research, developing information, supporting natural resource management, regulating matters of national environmental significance and managing Commonwealth protected areas
Bureau of Meteorology (PDF 49KB)
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
(PDF 22KB)
Parks Australia  (PDF 24KB)
Program 1.1: Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and the Environment (PDF 118KB)
Program 1.2: Environmental Information and Research (PDF 99KB)
Program 1.3: Carbon Pollution Reduction - Land Sector Initiatives (PDF 12KB)
Outcome 2: Improved sustainability of Australia's population, communities and environment through coordination and development of sustainable population and communities policies, supporting affordable housing and the reduction and regulation of waste, pollutants and hazardous substances
Program 2.1: Management of Hazardous Wastes,  Substances and Pollutants  (PDF 19KB)
Program 2.2: Affordable Housing  transferred to FAHSCIA, 14/12/11
Program 2.3:  Sustainable Communities (PDF 28KB)
Outcome 4: Adaptation to climate change, wise water use, secure water supplies and improved health of rivers, waterways and freshwater ecosystems by supporting research, and reforming the management and use of water resources
Commonwealth Environmental Water Office  (PDF 29KB)
Murray-Darling Basin
q105-135 (PDF 337KB)
q136-170 (PDF 900KB)
q171-195 (PDF 164KB)
National Water Commission (PDF 7KB)
Program 4.1: Water Reform (PDF 544KB)
Outcome 5: Increased protection, awareness and appreciation of Australia's environment and heritage through regulating matters of national environmental significance and the identification, conservation and celebration of natural, Indigenous and historic places of national and World Heritage significance
Program 5.1: Conservation of Australia's Heritage and Environment  (PDF 59KB)
Sydney Harbour Federation Trust   (PDF 17KB)
Program 5.2: Environmental Regulation  

(PDF 328KB)
q217 with 4 attachments (PDF 4843KB)

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