Submissions received by the Committee

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1Professor Anne Twomey (PDF 105 KB) 
2Professor Gabrielle Appleby, Emeritus Professor Mark Aronson and Dr Janina Boughey (PDF 197 KB) 
3Mr Peter Quiggin PSM, Office of Parliamentary Counsel (PDF 165 KB) 
4Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (PDF 112 KB) 
5Mr Melville Miranda (PDF 116 KB) 
6Department of Education and Training (PDF 84 KB) 
7Clerk of the Senate (PDF 311 KB) 
8Associate Professor Lorne Neudorf (PDF 134 KB) 
9NSW Legislative Council (PDF 2244 KB) 
10Department of Home Affairs (PDF 697 KB) 
11Assistant Professor Jacinta Dharmananda (PDF 116 KB) 
12Legislative Review Committee of the Parliament of South Australia (PDF 3457 KB) 
13The Law Society of New South Wales (PDF 2455 KB) 
14Attorney-General's Department (PDF 605 KB) 

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