Senate Standing Committee of Privileges

Tabled Documents

Document Year PDF
Memorandum of understanding on the execution of search warrants and use of covert investigative powers where parliamentary privilege may apply, and the associated AFP National Guideline 2024 (PDF 1MB)
Correspondence on the application of parliamentary privilege to working papers and reports from the Australian National Audit Office 2011 (PDF 3.2MB)
Report to the President of the Senate: Possible unauthorised disclosure of proceedings of the former Joint Select Committee into Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples 2015 (PDF 75KB)

Advices from the Clerk

No Subject Category Year Report
1Petitions and defamatory material (PDF 141KB)Legal immunity198811th
9Disclosure of in camera evidence to the Privileges Committee (PDF 99KB)Committee procedure199136th
10Summoning a witness to give evidence (PDF 106KB)Legal immunity199136th
11Statutory secrecy provisions and the powers of parliamentary committees (PDF 120KB)Contempt199136th
12Alleged intimidation of witnesses through threat of legal action (PDF 99KB)Contempt199237th
13Adverse reference to a person (PDF 99KB)Privilege Resolution No. 2199236th
14Subcommittees (PDF 101KB)Committee procedure199476th
15Parliamentary Privileges Amendment (Enforcement Of Lawful Orders) Bill 1994 (PDF 145KB)Powers of legislatures199449th
16Interference with communications to a senator through threats of legal action (PDF 144KB)Contempt199567th
17Communication of information to senators - Grassby case (PDF 115KB)Legal immunity199667th
18Alleged interference with a potential witness (PDF 105KB)Contempt199773rd
2Impartiality of committee members (PDF 116KB)Committee procedure198918th
19Provision of information to senators (PDF 109KB)Legal immunity199772nd
20Order for the production of documents - Egan v Willis and Cahill (PDF 132KB)Powers of legislatures199876th
21Execution of search warrants (PDF 101KB)Search warrants1999-
22Parliamentary privilege - Hamilton v Al Fayed (PDF 118KB)Privilege overseas199976th
23Order for the production of documents - Egan v Chadwick and others (PDF 110KB)Powers of legislatures1999-
24Defamation cases - Rann v Olsen and Rowley v Armstrong (PDF 114KB)Legal immunity2000-
25Provision of information to senators - Rowley v Armstrong (PDF 125KB)Scope of privilege200092nd
26Provision of information to senators (PDF 99KB)Scope of privilege200092nd
27Evidence from House members of a Joint Committee (PDF 75KB)Standing Order 1782000
3Lawful acts and contempt of the Senate (PDF 110KB)Contempt198918th
28Statements by a senator - McGlade v HREOC and Lightfoot (PDF 110KB)Scope of privilege2000-
29Execution of search warrants (PDF 141KB)Search warrants2001-
30Production of documents in court case - NTEIU v the Commonwealth (PDF 107KB)Legal immunity2001-
31Purporting to direct senators how to vote (PDF 73KB)Contempt2001103rd
32Engagement of counsel (PDF 69KB)Committee procedure2002102nd
33Documents protected from compulsory production (PDF 114KB)Privilege overseas2002125th
34Draft Guidelines for execution of search warrants (PDF 110KB)Search warrants2003125th
35Prosecution of Members of Parliament (UK) (PDF 116KB)Privilege overseas2003125th
36Draft Guidelines for execution of search warrants (PDF 86KB)Search warrants2004125th
37Reference to parliamentary proceedings in defamation suits (PDF 121KB)Legal immunity2004125th
38Draft National Defamation Law (PDF 121KB)Scope of privilege2004125th
39Draft National Defamation Law – model provisions (PDF 139KB)Scope of privilege2004125th
40Parliamentary Privilege cases (PDF 20KB)Legal immunity2007-
40Execution of search warrants (USA) (PDF 20KB)Search warrants2008-
41Parliamentary Privilege cases (overseas and domestic) (PDF 9KB)Legal immunity2008-
42Search warrants and documents (PDF 12KB)Search warrants2009-
43Use of parliamentary proceedings against members (PDF 12KB)Privilege overseas2009-
44Potential conflicts of Interest (PDF 17KB)Committee procedure2010-
45Overseas and domestic developments relating to parliamentary privilege (PDF 27KB)Scope of privilege2011-
46Application of parliamentary privilege to Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) (PDF 41KB)Legal immunity2011-
4Publication of committee submissions (PDF 78KB)Unauthorised disclosure199022nd
47Consideration of committee submissions (PDF 22KB)Committee procedure2011-
48Application of the Parliamentary Privileges Act (PDF 17KB)Scope of privilege2011-
49Reference to parliamentary proceedings (NZ) (PDF 65KB)Privileges overseas2011-
50Green Paper on Parliamentary Privilege (UK) (PDF 40KB)Privilege overseas2012-
50Select Committees and Coercive Powers (UK)Privilege overseas2012-
51CCTV and provision of information to senatorsContempt2014160th
52Use of CCTV footageContempt2014160th
53Execution of search warrantsSearch warrants2016163rd
5Standard of proof for a finding of contempt (PDF 76KB)Contempt199035th
6Reimbursement of witness legal costs (PDF 69KB)Committee procedure198935th
7Improper interference with a witness (PDF 119KB)Contempt199030th
8Improper interference with a witness (PDF 121KB)Contempt199136th

Advices from Senior Counsel

Subject Category Year Report
Advice from Theo Simos QC – Imposition of a penalty on a witness (PDF 145KB) Contempt 1989 18th
Advice from Bret Walker SC - defamation action (PDF 119KB) Contempt 2000 92nd