Appendix 2 - Public hearing and witnesses

Appendix 2Public hearing and witnesses

Friday, 1 March 2024

Australian Parliament House

Committee Room 2S1


Queensland University of Technology

Dr John Byron, Principal Policy Advisor

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and Australian Academy of Science

Ms Anna-Maria Arabia, Chief Executive Officer, ATSE

Ms Kylie Walker, Chief Executive Officer, AAS

Professor Ian Chubb, Policy Secretary (Fellow of ATSE and of the Academy of Science)

Tech Council Australia

Mr Ryan Black, a/g Chief Executive Officer - via videoconference

Semiconductor Sector Service Bureau

Dr Nadia Court, Director - via videoconference

Dr Robert Lang, Business Development Manager - via videoconference

Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Mrs Rebecca Shrimpton, Director, Defence and National Security - via videoconference

AI Group

Ms Kate Louis, Head of Defence and National Security

Claire Willette, Director, Global Trade Controls ANZ & SP

Martin Ripple, CEO, ANCA Pty Ltd


Mr Joern Schimmelfeder, Chief Legal Officer


Mr Zac Smith, Head of Government Relations - via videoconference

Australian Industry Defence Network

Mr Brent Clark, Chief Executive Officer

Department of Defence

Mrs Kylie Wright, Assistant Secretary Defence Industry International Policy - via videoconference

Mr David Nockels, First Assistant Secretary Defence Industry Policy

Mr Hugh Jeffrey, Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy & Industry