Appendix 2 - Public Hearing

Appendix 2Public Hearing

Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Committee Room, 2S1

Parliament House


Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Peter Grist, Principal Economist

Mr David Alexander, Chief of Policy & Advocacy

Australian Industry Group (Ai Group)

Ms Louise McGrath, Head of Industry Development and Policy

Australian Council of Trade Unions

Mr Ben Moxham, Director of Legal, Research and Policy

Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union

Mr Steve Murphy, National Secretary

Maritime Union of Australia

Dr Penny Howard, National Research Officer

Australian Banking Association

Mr Chris Taylor, Chief of Policy

Universities Australia

Mr Peter Chesworth, Deputy Chief Executive

Australian Technology Network of Universities

Mr Luke Sheehy, Executive Director

Tech Council of Australia

Mr Tom McMahon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Beyond Zero Emissions

Ms Heidi Lee, Chief Executive Officer

Energy Users Association of Australia

Mr Andrew Richards, Chief Executive Officer

Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals

Ms Melina Morrison, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Anthony Taylor, Senior Policy Officer

Research Australia

Mr Greg Mullins, Head of Policy

Australian Academy of Science

Emeritus Professor Ian Chubb, Secretary, Science Policy

Mr Christopher Anderson, Director, Science Policy

Australian Aluminium Council

Ms Marghanita Johnson, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Food & Grocery Council

Mrs Tanya Barden, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Scott McGrath, Director, Government and Media Relations

Space Industry Association of Australia

Mr James Brown, Chief Executive Officer

Department of Industry, Science and Resources

Mrs Rebecca Manen, General Manager, NRF Strategy, Manufacturing and NRF Division

Ms Nadia Rosenman, Manager, Legislation, NRF Strategy Branch, Manufacturing and NRF Division

Ms Narelle Luchetti, Head of Diviion, Manufacturing and NRF Division

Ms Julia Pickworth, Deputy Secretary, Industry and commercialisation