Appendix 1 - Senate Standing Order 25(20)

Appendix 1Senate Standing Order 25(20)

25(20) Annual reports of departments and agencies shall stand referred to the

legislation committees in accordance with an allocation of departments and agencies

in a resolution of the Senate. Each committee shall:

(a)Examine each annual report referred to it and report to the Senate whether the report is apparently satisfactory.

(b)Consider in more detail, and report to the Senate on, each annual report which is not apparently satisfactory, and on other annual reports which is selects for more detailed consideration.

(c)Investigate and report to the Senate on any lateness in the presentation of annual reports.

(d)In considering an annual report, take into account any relevant remarks about the report made in debate in the Senate.

(e)If the committee so determines, consider annual reports of departments and budget-related agencies in conjunction with examination of estimates.

(f)Report on annual reports tabled by 31 October each year by the tenth sitting day of the following year, and on annual reports tabled by 30 April each year by the tenth sitting day after 30 June of that year.

(g)Draw to attention of the Senate any significant matters relating to the operations and performance of the bodies furnishing the annual reports.

(h)Report to the Senate each year whether there are any bodies which do not present annual reports to the Senate and which should present such reports.[1]


[1]The Senate, Standing Orders and other orders of the Senate, October 2022, SO 25(20), pp. 31–32.