Appendix 4 - Public Hearings

Appendix 4Public Hearings

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Wickham Room, Hotel Grand Chancellor

23 Leichhardt Street


Tenants Queensland

Ms Penny Carr, Chief Executive Officer

Q Shelter

Ms Fiona Caniglia, Executive Director

Committee for Economic Development of Australia

Mr Andrew Barker, Senior Economist

Dr Cameron Murray, University of Sydney

Short statements from individuals with lived experience

Queensland Council of Social Service

Ms Aimee McVeigh, Chief Executive Officer

Women's Legal Services Queensland

Ms Nadia Bromley, Chief Executive Officer

Professor Nicole Gurran, University of Sydney – via teleconference

Real Estate Institute of Queensland

Ms Antonia Mercorella, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Katerina Beavon, General Counsel and Company Secretary

Landlords Association of South Australia

Mrs Margaret Kohlhagen, President

Thursday, 24 August 2023

Corinthian Room, Sydney Masonic Centre

66 Goulburn Street


Tenants' Union of NSW

Mr Leo Patterson Ross, Chief Executive Officer – via videoconference

Dr Jemima Mowbray, Policy and Advocacy Manager

Shelter NSW

Mr John Engeler, Chief Executive Officer

Legal Aid NSW

Ms Anna Baltins, Associate Director, Domestic and Family Violence

Ms Natalie Bradshaw, Acting Solicitor in Charge, Combined Civil Law Specialist Teams

Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Mr Thomas Chailloux, Policy Officer

Economic Justice Australia

Ms Linda Forbes, Law Reform Officer

Short statements from individuals with lived expereince

Antipoverty Centre

Ms Kristin O'Connell, Research and Policy

Foodbank Australia

Ms Sarah Pennell, Chief Operating Officer

City Futures Research Centre

Dr Chris Martin, Senior Research Fellow

Professor Alan Morris, UTS Sydney

Housing Industry Association

Mr David Bare, Executive Director – NSW

Real Estate Institute of NSW

Mr Tim McKibbin, Chief Executive Officer

Community Housing Industry Association

Ms Wendy Hayhurst, Chief Executive Officer

Wednesday, 30 August 2023

Committee Room 2S1

Parliament House


Better Renting

Mr Joel Dignam, Executive Director

Ms Sabrina Clarke, Campaigner

National Association of Renters' Organisations

Ms Farah Farouque, Director of Community Engagement, Tenants Victoria; appearing for NARO – via videoconference

Mr Leo Patterson Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Tenants NSW; appearing for NARO

Renters and Housing Union

Mr J.R. Hewitt, Media and Communications Officer

Everybody's Home

Ms Maiy Azize, Campaign Spokesperson

National Shelter

Ms Emma Greenhalgh, Chief Executive Officer – via videoconference

Legal Aid ACT, Tenancy Advice Service

Mr Derek Schild, Head of Practice, Civil Justice Legal Practice

Woden Community Service

Mr Lynton Sheehan, Executive Manager, Housing and Homelessness Services

ACT Shelter

Mr Travis Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer

Short statements from individuals with lived experience

Homelessness Australia – via teleconference

Ms Kate Colvin, Chief Executive Officer

Real Estate Institute of Australia – via teleconference

Mr Hayden Groves, President

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)

Dr Michael Fotheringham, Managing Director

The Salvation Army

Ms Jennifer Kirkaldy, General Manager of Policy and Advocacy

Uniting Communities

Mr Simon Schrapel AM, Chief Executive – via videoconference

Uniting WA

Mr Michael Chester, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Mr Shane Rattenbury MLA, ACT Attorney-General

Mr Daniel Ng, Executive Branch Manager, Civil and Regulatory Law Branch

Australian Taxation Office – via teleconference

Mr Tim Loh, Assistant Commissioner, Individuals Risk and Strategy

Defence Housing Australia

Mr Nathan Dascarolis, Acting Chief Financial Officer, Defence Housing Australia

Mr Brett Jorgensen, General Manager, Service Delivery, Defence Housing Australia

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Spencer Room, Savoy Hotel

630 Little Collins St


Tenants Victoria

Ms Farah Farouque, Director, Community Engagement

Ms Amy Frew, Director, Client Services

Victorian Public Tenants Association

Ms Katelyn Butterss, Chief Executive Officer

Digital Rights Watch

Ms Samantha Floreani, Program Lead

Housing for the Aged Action Group

Ms Fiona York, Executive Officer

Change the Record – via teleconference

Ms Damiya Hayden, Policy Lead


Mr Christopher Carr, Program Manager, Tenancy

University of Melbourne Student Union Legal Service

Ms Isabelle Butler, Senior Lawyer

Short statements from individuals with lived experience

RMIT Centre for Urban Research

Professor Libby Porter, Urban Planning

Property Owners' Association of Victoria – via teleconference

Mr Phil Spencer, Media Representative

Registered Accommodation Association of Victoria

Mr Simon Roberts, President

Per Capita

Mr Matt Lloyd-Cape, Director

Grattan Institute

Mr Brendan Coates, Economic Policy Program Director

Mr Joseph (Joey) Moloney, Senior Associate

National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation – via teleconference

Mr Nathan Dal Bon, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Hugh Hartigan, Head of Research


Ms Kerren Crosthwaite, First Assistant Secretary, Housing Division

Mr Nicholas Dowie, Assistant Secretary, Housing Branch

Department of Social Services via teleconference

Ms Marcela Bonilla, Branch Manager, Housing and Homelessness Program Delivery

Mr Scott Marshall, Acting Branch Manager, Housing and Homelessness Strategy and Data

Mr Troy Sloan, Acting Deputy Secretary Social Security