Appendix 2 - Public Hearing

Appendix 2Public Hearing

Monday, 15 May 2023

Parliament House

Main Committee Room, Canberra

Economic Justice Australia

Ms Sarah Sacher, Law Reform Officer

Northern Territory Council of Social Service

Ms Sarah Holder, Policy Manager

Central Land Council

Dr Josie Douglas, Executive Manager - Policy and Governance

Uniting Communities

Mr Simon Schrapel, Chief Executive

Suicide Prevention Australia

Mr Christopher Stone, Director of Policy and Government Relations

Mx Caitlin Bambridge, Policy and Government Relations Manager

The Accountable Income Management Network

Mr David Tennant, Chief Executive Officer, Family Care

Professor Matthew Gray and Dr J. Rob Bray PSM, private capacity

Dr Shelley Bielefeld, private capacity

Emeritus Professor Jon Altman, private capacity

Mr Patrick Hill, private capacity

Mr Peter Craig, private capacity

Aboriginal Peak Organisations Northern Territory

Ms Seranie Gamble, APO NT Manager

Ms Theresa Roe, Secretariat Co-ordinator

Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service

Mr Kulumba Kiyingi, Senior Policy Officer

The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation

Mrs Emma Kelly, General Manager of Community Services / Acting CEO

Department of Social Services

Ms Letitia Hope, Deputy Secretary, Families and Communities

Mr Patrick Burford, Group Manager, Communities

Mr Patrick Boneham, Branch Manager, Income Management Policy and Data

Services Australia

Ms Cathy Toze, General Manager, Indigenous, Tailored Programs & Income Management

Mr Ben Gallie, A/g National Manager, Income Management