61st Report


Standing order 19 (2) and (3) requires that the Committee determine the amounts to be included in the parliamentary appropriation bills for the Department of the Senate.

Proposed Appropriations for 2019-20

The Committee notes that the Senate Department’s 2019-20 appropriations have been calculated in accordance with the current Commonwealth funding policy.

The proposed appropriation for 2019-20 (which rounds to $23.9m in the Portfolio Budget Statement) has been calculated as follows:

Part 1 - Departmental Annual Appropriation

The prior year’s budget for departmental expenses
(as disclosed in the 2018-19 PBS)
Agreed budget measures:
Reduction in capital funding
Other adjustments (economic parameters) -0.011m
Total departmental appropriation for 2019-20 $25.853m

Part 2 – Accumulated Prior Year Appropriations, Operating Results and Capital Expenditure

Balance of prior year appropriations (estimate as at Budget April 2019) $11.328m

Part 3 - Special Appropriations (senators' remuneration and entitlements)

Made up of the following components (for this and next year):

Parliamentary Superannuation Act 2004 $2.553m
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 $1.539m
Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 $21.268m
Total Special Appropriations for 2017-18 $25.360m
Parliamentary Superannuation Act 2004 $2.655m
Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 $21.250m
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 $1.550m
Total Special Appropriations for 2018-19 $25.455m

The total appropriation to be approved by the Parliament in the appropriation bill for 2019-20 will be $23.853m (compared to $24.238m in 2018-19).

Special appropriations of $25.455m will also be drawn down during the year (compared to an estimate of $25.360m in 2018-19).


As noted on page 11 of the Department’s Portfolio Budget Statements 2019-20, the Department expects to be able to meet these demands within existing resources in the current (2018-19) and budget (2019-20) years. However, if the level of activity continues or increases, the Department will seek additional resources over the forward estimates to ensure the requirements of the Senate and senators can be met.


The Committee determines that the total appropriation to be approved by the Parliament in the Appropriations (Parliamentary Departments) Bill (No. 1) 2019-20 is $23.853m and reports to the Senate accordingly.

Senator the Hon Scott Ryan

April 2019

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