Report 441

Inquiry into Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 Rules Development

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Preliminary pages
Foreword, Membership of the Committee, Terms of reference, List of abbreviations, List of recommendations
(PDF 145KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction
Background, Public Management Reform Agenda, PGPA Act 2013, Hierarchy of instruments and arrangements, Significance of PGPA Act, PGPA Act providing a platform for change, Independent review after three years, Draft PGPA (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2014, Draft PGPA Rule 2014 and associated instruments, Scope of inquiry, Staged implementation process, Current and future Committee inquiries, Conduct of inquiry, Report outline, Note on references
(PDF 181KB)
Chapter 2: Rules required for 1 July 2014 commencement: consultation and implementation
Introduction, History of consultation, Commitment to consult with stakeholders, Consultative process for rules development, Development of proposed draft rules, Proposed rules released for public comment, Rules required for 1 July 2014 but not released for public consultation, Rules required post 1 July 2014, Finance’s comment on consultation process, Evaluation of consultation process as reported by stakeholders, Follow-up with stakeholders following consultation, Implementation, Changes required for 1 July 2014 implementation, Short timeframe for 1 July 2014 implementation, Guidance and other materials, Training, Committee comments and recommendations, Consultation, Implementation
(PDF 235KB)
Chapter 3: Key issues: 1 July 2014 commencement
Introduction, General issues concerning PGPA Act 2013, PGPA Act guiding principles, Role and powers of ANAO, Dual coverage PGPA Act and PS Act, Section 32B FMA Act, Section 38 PGPA Act, Section 59 PGPA Act, Draft PGPA Rule 2014 and associated instruments, Design principles for draft rules, Overview of draft rules, Specific issues concerning draft rules, Committee comments and recommendations, General issues concerning PGPA Act 2013, Specific issues concerning draft rules
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Chapter 4: Key issues: post 1 July 2014
Introduction, Staged implementation process, Consultation and timing for post 1 July 2014 elements, Key issues, Committee comments and recommendations, The performance framework, The risk framework, Cooperation arrangements, Next steps
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Appendix A: Submissions (PDF 35KB)
Appendix B: Public Hearings (PDF 53KB)

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