Appendix 2

Example supporting page to accompany the Behaviour Code for Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces

Welcome to this Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplace. Please be aware we have clear guidelines on how we must behave towards each other.

Act respectfully, professionally and with integrity.
Encourage and value diverse perspectives and recognise the importance of a free exchange of ideas.
Recognise your power, influence or authority and do not abuse them.
Uphold laws that support safe and respectful workplaces, including anti-discrimination, employment, work health and safety and criminal laws.
Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or assault, or discrimination in any form, including on the grounds of race, religion, age, sex, sexuality, gender identity or disability, will not be tolerated, condoned or ignored.

Complaints made under this code will be taken seriously and dealt with confidentially and independently. Breaches will be met with effective sanctions.

If you experience or witness unacceptable behaviour you are encouraged, and will be supported, to speak up.
You can access independent and confidential support and advice by contacting the Parliamentary Workplace Support Service on 1800 747 977

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