Role of the Committee

Terms of Reference

Until the National Broadband Network is declared built and fully operational, the committee report to each House of the Parliament annually on:

  1. rollout progress with particular regard to the NBN Co Limited Statement of Expectations issued by Shareholder Ministers on 24 August 2016;
  2. utilisation of the national broadband network in connected localities in both metropolitan and regional areas, and the identification of opportunities to enhance economic and social benefits;
  3. Australia’s comparative global position with regard to residential broadband infrastructure; particularly relative to other large, developed economies;
  4. national broadband network activation rates, user demand, usage patterns and trends, and any identified impediments to the take-up of national broadband network services;
  5. any market, industry, or regulatory characteristics that may impede the efficient and cost-effective rollout of the national broadband network; and
  6. any other matter pertaining to the national broadband network rollout that the committee considers relevant;