Appendix 3

Public hearings and witnesses

Friday 24 March 2017 – Canberra

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Limited

Ms Judi Jones, Ombudsman

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Mr Michael Cosgrave, Executive General Manager, Infrastructure Regulation Division

Ms Clare O'Reilly, General Manager, Mobiles, Transmission and Consumer

Mr Sean Riordan, General Manager, Industry Structure and Compliance

Thursday 6 April 2017 – Redcliffe

State Library of Queensland

Ms Louise Denoon, Executive Director, Regional Access and Public Libraries

Private capacity

Ms Rosslyn Kennedy, Gateway Properties and Simons Letting Agency

Private capacity

Ms Debra Hart

Private capacity

Mr Leif Karlsson

Private capacity

Mr Larry Brown

Private capacity

Mr Peter Uzelac

AgForce Queensland

Dr Greg Leach, Senior Policy Advisor

Australian e-Health Research Centre

Dr Mohan Karunanithi, Group Leader Health and Biosecurity

Centre for Online Health, University of Queensland

Dr Anthony Smith, Associate Professor  and Deputy Director

Friday 7 April 2017 – Townsville

Townsville City Council

Mr Michael Schuman, Chief Information Officer

Mareeba Shire Council

Ms Susan Parsons, Senior Engagement Officer

Safety Culture Pty Ltd

Mr Luke Anear, Chief Executive Officer

Private capacity

Professor Ian Atkinson

Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia

Ms Kylie Stretton, Co-Founder

Ms Rachel Hay, Data Analyst

Wednesday 19 April 2017 – Melbourne

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

Ms Teresa Corbin, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Rachel Thomas, Policy Officer

Private capacity

Associate Professor Mark Gregory

Clear Networks

Mr Rob van der End, Chief Executive Officer


Mr Tony Bundrock, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Martin Camilleri, Chief Operating Officer

Private capacity

Professor Rod Tucker

Informative Technology Innovations

Dr Craig Watkins, Director

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Mr Michael Cosgrave, Executive General Manager, Infrastructure Regulation Division

Mr Sean Riordan, Executive General Manager, Competition Enforcement

Mr Scott Harding, Director, NBN and Pricing Coordination

Thursday 20 April 2017 – Wodonga

City of Ballarat

Mr Terry Demeo, Director, Infrastructure and Environment

Albury City Council

Mr Andrew Cottrill, Economic Development Team Leader

Albury-Northside Chamber of Commerce

Ms Kathie Heyman, Business Manager

Mr Dan Fewster, Board Director

Narrandera Shire Council

Ms Judith Charlton, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Lee Longmire, Community Member

Mansfield Shire Council

Mr Alex Green, Chief Executive Officer

Private capacity

Ms Pauline Whiting

Private capacity

Mr Roger Tozer

Private capacity

Mr Steve Fleming

Rural Councils Victoria

Ms Jo Shannon, Director of Community and Corporate Services, Towong Shire Council

Private capacity

Mr Marcus Chick

Private capacity

Mr Matthew Leggett

Private capacity

Mr Peter Weeks OAM

Private capacity

Mr Peter Young

Friday 23 June 2017 – Canberra

Chorus NZ

Mr Kurt Rodgers, Network Strategy Manager

Ms Rosalie Nelson, Head of Market Insights

Macquarie Telecom Group

Mr David Forman, Senior Manager, Industry and Policy

ACT Government

Mr Jon Cumming, Chief Digital Officer

Mr Andrew McCredie, Senior Officer, Innovate Canberra

Private capacity

Adjunct Professor Robin Eckermann

Australian Medical Association

Mr Warwick Hough, Director, Workplace Policy, General Practice and Legal Services Department

Dr Dilip Dhupelia, Member 

Dr Chris Clohesy, Member

Dr Peter Maguire, Member

Communications Alliance

Mr John Stanton, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Christiane Gillespie-Jones, Director Program Management

Grain Growers Limited

Mr Michael Hunt, Member of National Policy Group

Ms Susan McDonnell, Northern Regional Coordinator

Department of Communication and the Arts

Mr Andrew Madsen, Assistant Secretary, Broadband Implementation Branch

Mr Philip Mason, Assistant Secretary, Competition Branch

Ms Kathleen Silleri, Assistant Secretary, Consumer Safeguards Branch

Monday 26 June 2017 – Port Augusta

Port Augusta City Council

Mr John Banks, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Cherie Gerlach, Manager, Media and Communications

Mr Stephen Kite, Information Technology Manager

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Mr Martin Laverty, Chief Executive Officer

Isolated Children's Parents' Association

Mrs Joanna Gibson, Communications Portfolio Leader, Federal Council

Open Access College, Port Augusta Campus (School of the Air)

Mr George Hewitson, Head of Campus

Remote & Isolated Children's Exercise (RICE)

Mr Rob Kay, Executive Officer

Regional Development Australia Far North

Mr Greg Williams, Business Development Manager

Flinders Ranges Council

Councillor Peter Slattery, Mayor

Arid Land Communications

Mr Keith Green, Manager

Bormann Communications

Mr Ian Bormann

Tuesday 27 June 2017 – Adelaide

City of Adelaide 

Mr Steven Harrison, Chief Advisor to the City of Adelaide

Mr Peter Auhl, Associate Director, Information Management

Outback Communities Authority

Mr Mark Sutton, Director

Coutts Communications

Professor Reginald Coutts, Principal

Plastyk Studios

Mr Andre Biganovsky, Business Technology Adviser

Mr Andrew Chataway, Project Manager

Mylor 'Resilient Communities' group

Ms Susanne Koen

Private capacity

Dr Nicola Spurrier

Flinders University

Professor John Roddick, Dean, School of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics

University of South Australia

Professor Shane Dawson, Director, Teaching Innovation Unit


Mr Michael Steele, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Barry Steele, Technical Support and Business Development Manager

Mr Darren Steele, Sales Manager

Direct Alarm Supplies

Mr Neil McLean

Australian Alarm Company

Mr Michael Pratt

West Wimmera Shire Council

Councillor Bruce Meyer, Mayor

Mr David Leahy, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Kellie Jordan, Economic Development Officer

Private capacity

Mr Leon Byner

Wednesday 28 June 2017 – Darwin

Northern Territory Government

Ms Kathleen Robinson, Chief Executive, Department of Corporate and Information Services

Mr Doug Cooke, Senior Director Digital Policy, Department of Corporate and Information Services


Dr Sue Samuelsson, Founder

Monday 17 July 2017 – Perth

Western Australia Local Government Association

Mrs Lynette Craigie, President

Mr Peter Johnson, ICT and Procurement Manager

Indigenous Remote Communications Association

Mr Daniel Featherstone, General Manager

Curtin University, Office of Research and Development

Mr Paul Nicholls, Director, Strategic Projects

Mr Jim Wyatt, Strategic Project Officer

Community of Aubin Grove

Ms Lara Kirkwood, Vice-President

Morley Internet Action Group

Mr Wayne Carter

Mid-West Development Commission

Mr Robert Smallwood, Mid-West Digital Economy Strategy Manager

Regional Development Australia-South West

Mr Mike Hendry, South West Independent National Broadband Network Adviser

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Western Australia

Mr Andrew Cann, Executive Director Technology Innovation/Chief Technology Officer,

Monday 24 July 2017 – Hobart


Mr Joel Harris, Managing Director


Mr William Kestin, Chief Executive Officer

Mekina Technologies

Mr Jacek Mekina, Managing Director

Takeflight/Factory Floor Co-Working

Mr Casey Farrell, Director

Enterprize Tasmania

Mr Gary McDarby, Chief Executive Officer

Brighton Council

Mr Heath Macpherson, Manager Asset Services

Private capacity

Ms Raelene Van De Kamp

Private capacity

Mr Sean Skinner

Tuesday 25 July 2017 – Launceston

University of Tasmania, Sense-T

Associate Professor Stephen Cahoon, Director of Research


Mr Damien Ivereigh, Chief Executive Officer

Kentish Council

Councillor Donald Thwaites, Mayor


Mr James Riggall, Managing Director

University of Tasmania, Human Interface Technology Laboratory

Dr Winyu Chinthammit, Deputy Director

St John's Foot Clinic

Ms Virginia Bower, Director


Mr Darren Alexander

EagleCrest Technologies

Mr Ben Jones, Commercial Manager

Mr Jin-oh Choi, Solutions Architect

Van Diemens Project, Enterprise Centre for the Northern Region

Mr Chris Davis, Director of Operations

Northern Tasmania Development Corporation Ltd

Ms Maree Tetlow, Chief Executive Officer

Digital Tasmania

Mr Andrew Connor

Wednesday 26 July 2017 – Burnie

Cradle Coast Authority

Mr Sid Sidebottom, Chair

Mr Brett Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Central Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Ian Locke, President

Burnie Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Ian Jones, Vice President and Secretary

Braddon Business Centre, Enterprise Centre in the North West

Mr Warren Moore, Business Facilitator

Burnie City Council

Mr Rodney Greene, Director, Community and Economic Development

West Coast Council

Councillor Phil Vickers, Mayor

Charles Clinic Heart Care

Mr Alistair Sherman, Business Manager

Private capacity

Mr Chris Walpole, Pharmacist

Private capacity

Professor Dennis Pashen, GP

Copper Mines of Tasmania

Mr Peter Walker, General Manager

Big hArt

Mr Scott Rankin, Chief Executive Officer

Tuesday 1 August 2017 – Sydney

Vodafone Hutchison Australia

Mr Dan Lloyd, Chief Strategy Officer and Corporate Affairs Director


Mr Peter Girvan, Asia Pacific Vice President

Australian Media and Communications Authority

Ms Jennifer McNeill, General Manager, Content Consumer and Citizen Division

Ms Nicola Skill, Assistant Manager, Communications Futures Section

Internet Australia

Ms Anne Hurley, Chair

Dr Paul Brooks, Vice Chair

Department of Communications and the Arts

Mr Philip Mason, Assistant Secretary, Telecommunications Competition Branch

Mr Andrew Madsen, Assistant Secretary, Broadband Implementation Branch

Ms Kathleen Silleri, Assistant Secretary, Consumer Safeguards Branch

New Street Research

Mr Ian Martin, Senior Telecommunications Analyst

NBN Co Limited

Mr Bill Morrow, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Stephen Rue, Chief Financial Officer

Ms Caroline Lovell, Chief Regulatory Officer

Wednesday 2 August 2017 – Central Coast

Blink Mobile

Mr Alan Williams, Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Private capacity

Ms Louise Degeling

Private capacity

Mr Neil Keele

Private capacity

Mr Gary Jackson

Private capacity

Mr Barry Egan

Private capacity

Ms Michelle Loaney

Private capacity

Mr Ken Knight, local artist

Private capacity

Mr Mark Beatson, Anytime Fitness

Private capacity

Mr Laurie O'Brien, Bridgecoast Finance Group Pty Ltd

Private capacity

Mr David Abrahams, Central Coast Start IT Incorporated

Private capacity

Ms Belinda Mabbott, Tumbi Sand, Soil and Gravel Supplies

Private capacity

Ms Caroline Chidgey, Warnervale Regional Uniting Church

Ms Bruce Butler, Warnervale Regional Uniting Church

Central Coast Grammar School

Mr David Soede, Director of ICT

Private capacity

Mr Paul Budde, Chief Executive Officer, Paul Budde Consulting Pty Ltd

Starship Cruises

Ms Louise de Martin, Director

Private capacity

Ms Robyn Downham, Spencer Community Advocate

Private capacity

Ms Belinda Repton, Vice-President, Wendoree Park Community Advocate

Private capacity

Ms Rhonda Hillyer

Private capacity

Ms Arabella Zocher, Student, Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School

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