Under section 178 of the National Anti‑Corruption Commission Act 2022, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Anti‑Corruption Commission must approve or reject the minister’s proposed recommendations for the appointment of:

    • the Commissioner;
    • a Deputy Commissioner; or
    • the Inspector.

The committee does not make the appointments. If the committee approves a proposed recommendation then the minister may make that recommendation to the Governor‑General (sections 241, 242 and 185 of the Act).

The committee is required to report its decisions about appointments to both Houses of the Parliament. The committee’s reports are available below.

  • Report on proposed recommendations for appointments to the National Anti-Corruption Commission  29 March 2023 (PDF 186KB)
  • Report on proposed recommendation for appointment of a Deputy Commissioner of the National Anti-Corruption Commission – 24 January 2024 (PDF 192KB)